24 May, 2019

📹 How To Grow Faster On YouTube in 2019 - 1 Strategy That Works

If you master it well, you literally can gain more subscribers and viewers and earnings. However, there are growing challenges, You need to engage with the audience constantly and just be yourself. You need to be committed as well.

In the video, the YouTuber, Lea, took the 100 days challenge and keeps refining her skills along the way.

One piece of advice she gave is to create daily videos for that 100 days, the first 1,000 subscribers are the hardest to gain but once you cross that hurdle, everything come easy and you are comfortable with it.

Nathan also shared his experience to follow and model the successful YouTuber and provide more content as time goes by.

23 May, 2019

Starting a YouTube Channel Q&A

The questions are (By the way, you can find Gillian's answers in the video):

#1. Should I name my channel, my name or something else? Can I change my channel name in the future?

#2. Do I ever have to pay YouTube to have or operate a channel?

#3. Do I completely own the content that I upload to YouTube? Can I post the sane video on YouTube and on my website?

#4. Do I have to monetize my channel? If I don't monetize my channel, will YouTube still shows ads on it?

#5. Should I allow ads on my video from day one?

#6. Will I still get paid id viewers have YouTube red?

#7. Should I enable all of them to try and get the most of ads revenue?

#8. What doe the check-mark next to some channel names mean?

#9. How can I verify my YouTube channel?

#10. What's more important - Quantity or quality?

#11. Is there a good program for editing for beginners?

#12. Should I film YouTube video horizontal or vertical?

#13. How long will it takes to see views and subscribes grow?

#14. Will views and subscribers come organically?

#15. At what point should I say something's not working?

#16. Should I pay for ads to get more eyes on my channel/videos?

22 May, 2019

3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail

In this video, Dan share 3 main reasons why most entrepreneurs fail. They are:

#1. Following fake gurus.
Most fake gurus are usually fly by night and cannot sustain for long. Their philosophy is getting rich but not staying rich.

#2. Doing things in the wrong order.
Instead of putting all eggs into the same basket, Dan's advice is to invest into yourself first by acquiring a skill set , then you can expand and lower the risk of getting success.

#3. Inability to turn prospects into customers.
The no.1 ability in entrepreneurship is to "close" sales. Most people don't know how to communicate and almost knows how to close.

21 May, 2019

How To THINK About Successful People - Don't Make This Mistake!

It's a mindset shift in order to be successful. Initially when you begin the journey, you started off with a jealousy mindset. You keep thinking "Why people can be successful and you aren't", that's where the problem lies. You are giving excuses for yourself  and focusing and thinking negatively. Subconsciously you are separating yourself from achieving success and do the necessary work instead.

Actually people who are successful are no smarter than you, they are just plain human like you and me. The only difference is in the mindset. So the next time when you see successful people showcase their result, don't get jealous. Instead, emulating them and by no time with hustle and taking action, it will definitely be your turn to be successful.

19 May, 2019

Is your junk keeping you from getting rich?

To be successful in whatever you are doing, we need to be focus. Most of the time we can't because in the back of our mind are 'junk' hindering our thinking.

Imagine you need to access the rear door fast by walking through from the main door, the hallway, the kitchen. There are many cluttered areas which block your direct path of access. Instead, you need to negotiate the 'obstacles' and 'bends' in order to get there in a straight line.

Same thing apply to our mindset. That is why we constantly need to de-cluttered the brain to make space for new knowledge that keeps us grow in our thoughts.

Not only that, by clearing the so-called 'junk' in our brain, it provides us a much more clarity to 'see' and 'feel' much better and receptive for newer ideas. Don't let the 'junk' in your brain to cloud your vision or goal and prevent you from thinking straight!

18 May, 2019

7 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To AI And What To Do About I

This is a true fact. 7 Jobs will disappear in the next 20 years due to artificial intelligence. According to a professor at Oxford University, 47% job types are in the high risk category which are potentially replaceable and automateable by robots.

Below are the job types at risk.

1) Labour intensive and risky jobs (e.g. Construction works)
2) Drivers
3) Fast food workers
4) Farmers
5) Accounting and Book-keeping
6) Waiters
7) Delivery

Job types that normally don't really require much thinking are easily replaceable and first to go.