09 July, 2019

How To Make Your First $1,000 Online Using Instagram

We know social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. are very powerful to attract traffic. Over here, Nathan share how to earn $1,000 using Instagram.

Create an account with Instagram and also sign up a 14-day Trial with clickfunnels.

then watch this video till the end. :)

08 July, 2019

My First $1,000,000 - The Millionaire Mindset

Money is still money. It's the mindset that counts!

So many people who are afraid to take risk to achieve a better one. They are comfortable with their present moment in life and unwilling to change to a even greater one ahead. Many people have dream but not big enough and most people died with their dream without fulfillment.

You have to believe in yourself if you decided to make a change for the better. The millionaire mindset is in you! Nobody can motivate you except yourself! You need to take the plunge, you need to take risk and don't be scare and never give up when there is no immediate result shown. Push on, the final good result will be there, just like growing an apple tree from seed. You will taste the fruit's sweetness eventually!

So after this video, go to the mirror and ask yourself and ask yourself : are you doing everything you can to become better?

04 July, 2019

4 Ways I ACTUALLY Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online. Some may take more time and yield lessor earning than others. In this video, Gillian shares the most earnings with lessor time spent.

#1. YouTube Revenue
Mostly from Advertisement revenue. When someone click on the ad and purchase the product, you will get a portion of the commission.

#2. Digital Courses
Create educational content such as videos, PDF that people can buy online and educate themselves.
The price range can be from $100 - $1000. and the total earning depends on how frequent you promote the courses. If you do it frequently and keep them active, of course you will earn more relatively.

#3. Membership Program
You can start a program such as mentor-ship where experience marketers able to share their experience and guide the new members who need guidance along the way. As such you can charge a monthly membership fee.

#4. Affiliate marketing
You don't have to come out the cost, or sales content or anything. All you need to do is to help promoting the product and if there is a sales of the item you promote through your affiliate link, you will then get a cut of the sales and commission earned. It's that simple.

01 July, 2019

5 Side Hustles To Make Extra Money Working From Home

#5. Virtual Assistant

freelancer.com: People who come to look for freelancer. You can post your skill there and may get shortlisted.

Upwork.com: This is a job portal site. And companies constantly looking for candidates to work and do their task online for them.There are many job types for you to select that you are good at, for example, transcription job, data entry, translation, and etc.

#4 Logo / Graphic Designer

If you believe that you are artistic, you can search here;

fiverr.com : When you started off, you can charge with a lower price but as your assignment and experience built-up, you can ask for more.

99designs.com and DesignCrowd.com are both crowd source platform. Basically you can sign up as a designer. Whenever there is a task, you will compete with many designers and the customer will pick one from the pool of designers to work with.

#3 Article Writer

iWriter.com : If you are good in writing articles, you can sign up free. The longer you work and provide quality work to increase your credibility, the more you can charge.

textbroker.com (only available in USA) For a 5-star rating and you can write 2,000 words, you can easily earn $100.

#2 Course Creator
If you have marketing knowledge, it will be advantage for you to start.

Udemy.com : It's basically am educational hub, people come here to learn. You can upload course to Udemy and people are constantly seeking for knowledge and willing to pay if the content is valuable to them.

teachable.com: you can sign up for free, of course you will pay a cut and transaction fee. but if you are fine with it, then you are good to go and no need to pay for paid membership.

clickfunnels.com : You will have to pay for the membership. However, this is probably the #1 software to create sales funnel. You can create courses and sell it through the funnel the the members.

#1 YouTuber

If you are to create content that you are passionate about and ahead of the majority of the people, when people watch, you either collect email list or put a link of your program that you are selling.

28 June, 2019

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Make Money Online (PERIOD)

There are many ways to make money online and affiliate marketing is the fastest so far because you do not need to worry about the product cost, you don't have to physically buy the product, you don't have to provide customer support, you don't have to write the sales article, you don't have to responsible for the product delivery etc.

All you need to do is to promote the product and someone buys it from your affiliate link, you will then earn a commission from it. It's that simple.

26 June, 2019

How Do You Know If You're On The Right Path?

When you choose the path of working from home, how do you know this is the path you want? How do you know you are doing the right thing and heading in the right direction?

In this video, Dan going to share some advice.

In order to go to your destination, you need two things. That is,

#1. Know exactly where you want to go.
Most people don't have a clear vision of where they are heading, but once you have the vivid goal, go for it but if presently what you are doing doesn't bring you toward your goal, then tweak it.

#2. Where are you at.
You need to very clear and honest to yourself of where you are heading toward. Considering to where you are now and your final destination, is that the speed that you want? If not adjust it. Once you have all these factors into your vision, your path toward success is clear.

23 June, 2019

How to Quit Your Job and Make Money Online: 3 Things You Must Know

Working from home is not easy for sure but it can be done. When there is a will, there is a way.

Believe in yourselves no matter what, don't ever give up! If you want to give up, why start in the first place?

You will not get rich quick overnight for sure. Instead. it will be a tough road, a long and lonely road at times, but with patience and persistence, you will see the end of tunnel and the light shine bright there, its only temporary, push through it!

In the video, Nathan shares 3 aspects:

They are

#1. You need to learn marketing skill set.
Learning marketing is the key to grow an internet business.
E.g. driving traffic to your business, generate leads, converting sales.

#2. Learn how to sell.
Internet businesses get most of their money through sales. For people who hates being sold, the concept of selling, this is a mindset change. You need to tweak and enjoy the process of buying so that you are able to sell the product. Become a buyer will help you have a new perspective of selling business.

#3. Consistency.
Consistency is the key factor in succeeding in internet business. No matter what you do, just stay consistent and persistence and you will definitely see result eventually.