26 June, 2019

How Do You Know If You're On The Right Path?

When you choose the path of working from home, how do you know this is the path you want? How do you know you are doing the right thing and heading in the right direction?

In this video, Dan going to share some advice.

In order to go to your destination, you need two things. That is,

#1. Know exactly where you want to go.
Most people don't have a clear vision of where they are heading, but once you have the vivid goal, go for it but if presently what you are doing doesn't bring you toward your goal, then tweak it.

#2. Where are you at.
You need to very clear and honest to yourself of where you are heading toward. Considering to where you are now and your final destination, is that the speed that you want? If not adjust it. Once you have all these factors into your vision, your path toward success is clear.

23 June, 2019

How to Quit Your Job and Make Money Online: 3 Things You Must Know

Working from home is not easy for sure but it can be done. When there is a will, there is a way.

Believe in yourselves no matter what, don't ever give up! If you want to give up, why start in the first place?

You will not get rich quick overnight for sure. Instead. it will be a tough road, a long and lonely road at times, but with patience and persistence, you will see the end of tunnel and the light shine bright there, its only temporary, push through it!

In the video, Nathan shares 3 aspects:

They are

#1. You need to learn marketing skill set.
Learning marketing is the key to grow an internet business.
E.g. driving traffic to your business, generate leads, converting sales.

#2. Learn how to sell.
Internet businesses get most of their money through sales. For people who hates being sold, the concept of selling, this is a mindset change. You need to tweak and enjoy the process of buying so that you are able to sell the product. Become a buyer will help you have a new perspective of selling business.

#3. Consistency.
Consistency is the key factor in succeeding in internet business. No matter what you do, just stay consistent and persistence and you will definitely see result eventually.

22 June, 2019

This App DOUBLED My Productivity

By working from home, it's not bed of roses. There are many things you need to handle right from your personal life, family, kids, work related matters. If you are not disciplined, or easily distracted, most of your so called "Daily tasks" will not be done completely or fulfilled.

In this video, Gillian share a time-tracking app called "toggl" to assist the daily task and increase your productivity. In "toggl" you can have a view for the past few weeks on what you were doing and refine it, thereby creating a trend itself.

Another benefit of using an app to track what you are doing is to give you an objective view of how much time you spend on working. It makes you more focus and don't work whole day long due to interruptions in between work.

It also gives you a much more clarity of the amount of work you've put in instead of overwhelming with work or work related matters.

With the help of the time tracking app, you will find the work accomplishment for the week will be more and much more relaxing which in a way increase productivity.

21 June, 2019

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: FREE Method

For people who choose to work from home and choose the path of affiliate marketing, this video is a must watch for beginner.

You can start with

#1. Amazon Associate

Caveat: You need to have a website to set this up. The commission rates are generally low ( The most is 10% for some categories), but they are easier to sell and most people trust Amazon's brand so in a way you can earn much.

#2. Web Hosting Platform: Bluehost

Wordpress has two types. Wordpress.com (Free but you cannot customize at times, you have to take literally of what is provided, just like blogger). The other one is Wordpress.org which you are able to download and have full control of the stuff in the website. You can Google the different between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.
Long story short, bluehost is the most highly recommended hosting platform for wordpress.org. It covers from providing the domain, SSL security, setting up of wordpress.org and 24/7 support. A all-in-one package to save the hassle.

#3. ClickFunnels

Basically ClickFunnels give everything you need to begin with, right from marketing, selling, and deliver your products and services online.

20 June, 2019

My Lead Gen Secret - providing 100 quality leads for a $1

We all know that, regardless of what type of business you are in or promoting, we need traffic. Traffic = leads = sales = money earned.

That is why we have people promoting products in YouTube, Blogs, Social Medias, Traffic Exchanges etc. to attract viewers that potentially turn into leads.

For people who blogs, lead captured page is promoted. Once people who are interested, they will sign up with their name and email address and the sellers will collect a list.

All these take time and patience to build up.

That is why people who able to invest with a little money will buy leads to short cut the path and save the hassle of waiting and effort to create lead capture page.

But sadly, most leads are expensive and low quality. People hardly trust them now.

However, don't lose hope easily, there are still some good one out there.

One of which is "My Lead Gen Secret".

They provide quality 100 leads for $1 daily, which is 3000 leads for $30 monthly. If you promote "My Lead Gen Secret" and someone join under you, then you will get 200 leads for $1 daily instead. These leads are collected from internet marketers who constantly looking for opportunities to make money online. They have good review so far and many people who join make money within few days.

CLICK HERE to watch the video and decide.

CLICK HERE to watch videos on testimonial.

18 June, 2019


People who wants to earn PASSIVE INCOME ONLINE, then you need to watch this video. Disclaimer : PASSIVE INCOME do take active work, especially just starting out. It's not easy at first to build up the foundation but once it's cruising mode, things will get easier and easier. So anyone who tries to tell you that you no need to do anything at all is all BS.

#1. Software.
E.g. promoting email marketing software, funnel builder, hosting service

#2. Ad Revenue.
Just from YouTube alone.

#3. Membership.
Affiliate of a membership site.

#4. Courses/Events.
You can set up courses or join as an affiliate to promote it and earn a commission from it if there is a sale.

17 June, 2019

How To Earn Money On YouTube: 7 Tips For Beginners

There are 7 tips to earn money in YouTube.

Tip #1. Choose a channel name.
Usually beginners get confuse of what name to choose, so the easiest is to choose you name as a start. As time goes by when you are more familiar and comfortable, you can change it to name you like.

Tip #2. Pick a niche.
If you are doing it for business, it's better to choose one that your business can revolve around to attract more audience instead of jumping around.

Tip #3. Post on a regular basis.
When you just started out, it's good to post your video often so that it has more content. YouTube like it as the frequencies of exposure is great so there will be a high chance that YouTube will recommend it by the side for more views.

Tip #4. Engage with your audience.
Beside a search engine, YouTube is also a social media platform. When they start to comment after watching your video, and you engage with them, they usually remember that and come back to watch more videos. Also, this engagement will grow your viewers pool.

Tip #5. Enable monetization.
(eligible only after 4,000 hrs of watch time and with 1,000 subscribers from Google adsense)
Don't forget, you can earn money and get paid just by publishing videos. Once you enabled monetization and meet the requirement, YouTube will place ads in your videos and you will earn from it as commission.

Tip #6. Sell merchandise
You can sell merchandise straight right from Teespring. The catch is you need to be a YouTube partner and have 15,000 cumulative views for the last 90 days in order to qualify.

Tip #7. Sell products
In the description of your video, e.g. "XXXXX review". Create a digital product, give your personal views, give contents and mostly affiliate product. Or you can do affiliate tech product on Amazon like cameras, smartphones, headphones etc.