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13 April, 2013

13th April 2013
Recently I have read through some articles and I think it’s worth sharing.
Although I’m not there yet, but below are some of the current obstacles that I’m facing …
1.    Support
When I first venture into this route, none of my friends give me the support. In fact, they think that I’m a nut case. Why a sane person would gave up his salaried work and go into an uncharted ground? I keep reminding myself I shed my salaried job is because I want to spend valuable time with my kids and I simply don’t like to lick my bosses’ ass. I’m only young once; I would rather work for myself then for others. My friends think that my attempt will not work because their mindset is tuned to traditional salaried work types. 

“Work from Home jobs” gives them the impression that at most I can earn a few hundred bucks to pay for my bill that’s all.

With the obstacles ahead, especially I have not make a dollar yet, I sometimes begin to question myself: Am I making the right move?

Well, I don’t know at this moment but I've read some inspiring and encouraging articles for “Work from Home”,

That is: - stay focused, patience, persevere, determination and don’t give up!

2.    Isolation

When I choose this path, I’m on my own. There is no boss breathing down your neck to complete the task in a ridiculous timeline given. For most of the “Work from Home” jobs, like affiliate marketing, you can choose one day, one week or a few months to complete a blog. There is no timeline restriction. It all depends on your discipline and your thirst to produce quality result.

You have to be self-reliant when you encounter troubles. But rest assured, you are not the first one to face such similar problem. Many predecessors before you who have chosen this path and become successful and have met with these problems before. You do not need to build the wheel from scratch again. All you need to do is to search through the internet browser for answers or seek experts for help.

3.    Limited knowledge

When you met with certain problem, you are stuck! There is hardly anyone there to help you except yourself. Take me for example; when I first set up a blog, I met with some linkage problem. I felt frustrated when I cannot find any solution through the internet, or the solution given is somewhat similar but not quite close. I have no choice but choose to be patience and wait, seeking for more information, trial and error every day. I have the mentality that I’m new, so what’s there got to loose, at most I start my blog afresh again (having said that, That’s the last resort, backup your articles and setting first…..if you don’t know how to do it, at least a screen dump and paste it to whatever your word processor before deletion :)

4.    Legitimate and genuine work from home jobs are hard to find in the internet

When you simply type in the phrase “Work from Home”, there are many scams in the internet, sad to say. Those are really ‘fly by night” operators who prey on newbies’ naivety. They usually attract newbies with luxury houses/cars/yachts/jets by working from home and a push of button to get rich overnight. If it’s that simple, then everyone in the world would be rich right? There are no more salaried workers anymore! Everyone would be sitting at home and start pushing button! :)

After some time, you’ve invested much money, time and effort to these so-called “Work from Home” that “promise” to make you rich but never come true.

5.    Frustration

When you are ready and posted your first blog, you are very eager to see results. You would like to see your traffic and most important your first dollar that earned during the day. However, to your disappointment, the traffic is miserable and worst, no earnings! (I’m not able to advise further because I’m right at this stage now).

I’m not sure when will I earn my first dollar except to keep reading through the internet for better ideas and refining my blog. Till then I will be able to update this portion.

6.   Clueless/Desperation/Vulnerable

When you first started 'Work from Home', you're directionless and clueless. No one gives you proper guidance. All you have is knowledge and information gathered from friends and internet in bits and pieces.
At month ends, out of desperation, you need to make quick bucks for whatever reasons or to foot the bills. With limited knowledge, that's where you're most vulnerable in 'Work from Home' concept.

That's where Scam companies will take advantage of your weak point and prey on you on the 'Get Rich Quick' scheme.
To be honest, till date, I haven't found any yet! If there is a legitimate and guaranteed 'Get Rich Quick' company, tell me! :)