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20 April, 2013

20th April 2013

These few days I have read some articles from the web and mainly went through the tutorials and guides given in Global Data Entry. I have learnt that Traffic is very important to blogger. The more readers visiting your blog, the higher chance of your earning and it takes time to build the amount of page views.

Although I have not earn a single dollar yet but one thing that heartens and encourage me is that my traffic has gone up after following closely on the tutorials, guidances and using the tools provided by Global Data Entry.

In order to gain more traffic to your blog, there are some tips given in below links : -

1. Blog Traffic - 15 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic - a Blog -

2. How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog and Keep It There

3. 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012) | SEOmoz
    In this link, I especially like #22 - Be consistent and DON'T GIVE UP!