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27 October, 2015

Hard to please people

When you spent money and got scammed by product after product and not earning a single penny yet, you are frustrated and you complain.

When you are offered a free or cheap to join program and the earning is low, you complain again that the earning is slow and not up to your expectaion.

So what do you want actually? A hassle-free, a get-rich-quick, press of a button and a free system to join? Then there will be many millionaires on the streets already! :)

Some time it's ourselves to be blamed for not achieving financial freedom! We simply want the best of both worlds and we are overly cautious and skeptical without taking the first step!

You are just being N.A.T.O. : No Action Talk Only!

Of course we don't test the water depth with both of our legs and it's alright to be skeptical at times because it makes us take time to think.

However, if there is a free or cheap stuff that able to change you life for the good, please at least give it a try (you will never know if you never try it) instead of shun it off without giving a thought.

21 October, 2015

Some people are sometimes simply not worth to help

What is $5 to you? At most or roughly the price of a cup of Starbuck coffee right?

If this $5 can help you to change your life for the good, would you sacrifice for not drinking it?

I was chatting with a guy in Facebook that day...

I ask him how's his the business sales that he is promoting and he claimed that he is doing great and excel in it.

However , when I share with him another additional source of passive income earnings and it only require a one time purchase of $5 to start, he gave excuse and told me that he cannot afford to have $5 in his PayPal account. That makes me wonder whether I should continue with the conversation and share with him the ideas.

Perhaps some people are just not ready to have open listening ears.

Sometimes I simply don't understand the mindset of saving that $5, what else can one do with that $5? Too cheap or too expensive? a simple meal or donation to charity? hmm.....

18 October, 2015

You simply cannot please everyone

In the online world, there are simply two types of people, the followers and the haters. Basically you can't please everyone inorder to be successful. They will like a chain ball that tied around one of your legs and hold you back from getting to your goal fast.

The followers will stick closely to you, support your philosophy of work as your habits will inspire them. However, the haters will do the opposite way. They will back stab you, disagree on whatever your thinking is.

Why I say this? That reminds me the so called 'Scam' reviews given by individual. Most of the time they use this tactic to bad-mouth others in order to gain attention to himself/herself and make them famous instead of giving the truth. Having said that, I don't mean all the scam reviews are bad, in fact they are doing a good job but we must read extensively, at least get a few more opinions from the forums instead from an individual remarks.

I even encountered some popular leaders YouTube's videos are being 'jailed' just because some haters reported bad things about the videos to the adminstrators.

So the morale of the story is :


13 October, 2015

You still need traffic to your business

I chat with a person recently in Facebook. She was so secretive that I try to 'dig out' things from her.
She told me she cannot disclose what are the products she promotes to fellow marketer like me! This is the first time I came across such

Well, put it this way, if she cannot tell me me anything, then how is she going to promote her product to the public? Just because I'm a fellow marketer that she cannot tell me?

A piece of advice, treat everyone the same. Be it a marketer or any one in the world. The main thing is trying to sell your business product as much as possible and earn commission, isn't it? Then why do marketers needs targeted leads for traffic? Just because your fellow marketer promoting another product doesn't mean he or she is not your potential customer. If the product you are promoting deemed fit to their requirement and budget, they may get it from you right?

Also in this world, there are plenty of online marketers nowadays. In fact, the whole market is saturated with it. We are trying to help each other to attain financial freedom instead of hiding so called 'secret'. Put it this way, what one knows, many could have knew it long ago. Tactics or strategy, so to speak, applied in promoting in one's business could have applied by many successful people. So bottomline, things that you can share, share it instead of hiding. Who knows, people may grateful to you and remember you down the road and bring you more traffic? :)