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13 October, 2015

You still need traffic to your business

I chat with a person recently in Facebook. She was so secretive that I try to 'dig out' things from her.
She told me she cannot disclose what are the products she promotes to fellow marketer like me! This is the first time I came across such

Well, put it this way, if she cannot tell me me anything, then how is she going to promote her product to the public? Just because I'm a fellow marketer that she cannot tell me?

A piece of advice, treat everyone the same. Be it a marketer or any one in the world. The main thing is trying to sell your business product as much as possible and earn commission, isn't it? Then why do marketers needs targeted leads for traffic? Just because your fellow marketer promoting another product doesn't mean he or she is not your potential customer. If the product you are promoting deemed fit to their requirement and budget, they may get it from you right?

Also in this world, there are plenty of online marketers nowadays. In fact, the whole market is saturated with it. We are trying to help each other to attain financial freedom instead of hiding so called 'secret'. Put it this way, what one knows, many could have knew it long ago. Tactics or strategy, so to speak, applied in promoting in one's business could have applied by many successful people. So bottomline, things that you can share, share it instead of hiding. Who knows, people may grateful to you and remember you down the road and bring you more traffic? :)

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