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21 October, 2015

Some people are sometimes simply not worth to help

What is $5 to you? At most or roughly the price of a cup of Starbuck coffee right?

If this $5 can help you to change your life for the good, would you sacrifice for not drinking it?

I was chatting with a guy in Facebook that day...

I ask him how's his the business sales that he is promoting and he claimed that he is doing great and excel in it.

However , when I share with him another additional source of passive income earnings and it only require a one time purchase of $5 to start, he gave excuse and told me that he cannot afford to have $5 in his PayPal account. That makes me wonder whether I should continue with the conversation and share with him the ideas.

Perhaps some people are just not ready to have open listening ears.

Sometimes I simply don't understand the mindset of saving that $5, what else can one do with that $5? Too cheap or too expensive? a simple meal or donation to charity? hmm.....

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