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18 October, 2015

You simply cannot please everyone

In the online world, there are simply two types of people, the followers and the haters. Basically you can't please everyone inorder to be successful. They will like a chain ball that tied around one of your legs and hold you back from getting to your goal fast.

The followers will stick closely to you, support your philosophy of work as your habits will inspire them. However, the haters will do the opposite way. They will back stab you, disagree on whatever your thinking is.

Why I say this? That reminds me the so called 'Scam' reviews given by individual. Most of the time they use this tactic to bad-mouth others in order to gain attention to himself/herself and make them famous instead of giving the truth. Having said that, I don't mean all the scam reviews are bad, in fact they are doing a good job but we must read extensively, at least get a few more opinions from the forums instead from an individual remarks.

I even encountered some popular leaders YouTube's videos are being 'jailed' just because some haters reported bad things about the videos to the adminstrators.

So the morale of the story is :


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