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11 November, 2015

Stop being a fence sitter, take charge of your life with a leap of faith

I know you're skeptical, which is why you choose to sit on the fence. But how long are you going to sit there when opportunity knocks? Don't sit there and wait and become indecisive. The longer you choose to wait, you tend to procrastinate. Remember, opportunity don't knock twice, it's either you make it or break it.

Have you ever wonder, if one choose to be a fence sitter, then what is the criteria that able to attract you down from the fence? Almost hardly because you are skeptical to almost anything!

Sometimes one needs to have a leap of faith and take calculated risk, not a blind one of course.

Do your due diligence and do your homework and take charge of it. If the program unfortunately goes southwards, it's beyond your control but at least you have done your part.

Many entrepreneurs have done it. It is through many failures that they never give up and achieve success.