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16 August, 2018

It's never going to be easy for entrepreneurship!

When you started to work from home, it may lead you to entrepreneurship.

However, this path is not going to be easy and smooth sailing. It takes hell lots of hustling and grinding to achieve your goal to be successful eventually.

What you see is the successful people with big houses, cars and money, but do you know side of the story like the journey they hustle like mad before they reached their goal?

Watch this video, it's very true if you choose and decide this path to be a successful entrepreneur!

10 August, 2018

Rich is not financially free!

People often tend to link rich and financially free together. In actual fact, they are different. They are two separate entities.

Rich IS NOT financially free, but financially free will lead to rich eventually.

Example, a person who win a huge lottery overnight. This sudden windfall make him rich but yet he is tied down to the 9-5 rat race's job daily to put food on the table, no doubt he can buy luxurious items and spend on expensive travels, etc in a short spur of time.

However, as for financially free, e.g. rental income, it brings you passive income monthly without doing any work at all. You don't have to work for money, instead let money to work for you! You can spend your precious time wisely to do meaningful things instead. You may not be "rich" initially but this accumulation of wealth through time will eventually lead you to become real "rich".

Still don't really understand? watch this video by T.Harv Eker :

04 August, 2018

Often we feel depressed when there is no result can be seen immediately after we put in effort for some times. People around will discourage you and you begin to self doubt whether the direction that you are heading is worth.

Just push on and don't give up! If you give up and you will never get up. When you look back, there will be full of regrets. When you feel lonely and nobody there to motivate you, I always watch some YouTube motivational videos to motivate myself to keep moving on. Just to share...