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23 September, 2018

Don't ever compare yourself to others!

Everyone has his or her own speed of  progress and everyone's path to success is different. Some can be longer than others. Some may takes 4-5 years , some 5-6 years and some even 10 years or more but as long as you are taking action and inching forward, you will eventually reach you goal, it is just a matter of time. Often time, there are many entrepreneurs have given up half way through the journey because they tend to compare their own progress to other successful people 's achievement which is why they feel discouraged. Besides, there will be naysayers or haters to talk you down along the way, such as : "See I told you, stop wasting your time any longer. You have been wasting so many years and no result shown after all, whereas your neighbor already living in a luxurious house and drive a bigger car than you do!"

If you really want to compare, compare to yourself yesterday. Ask yourself, you've become more knowledgeable and stronger correct? So believe in yourself and don't give up! Push on!

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