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11 September, 2018

TO TRUST or NOT TO TRUST 3rd party review

There are many times before when we purchase any potential product, we tend to do some review before we commit. So where do we go to for seeking extra information? Google search or YouTube for the bare minimum right?

Here's the headache starts. When you start scrolling down the pages, there will be many so-called "Honest" reviews provided by the 3rd parties who hardly use the product and skim through the surface and cried "SCAM!". If it is truly not, they usually rank the product reviewed with low ranking or scam and not legit to catch your attention. Then with hidden agenda, they normally belittle the product and recommend their own stuff. So what make you think their product is not a scam either?

I agree that most products are scams in the online market, about 80%. However, there are good one too! If you do your due diligence by doing some research work, you are able to lower down the risk. Normally there are two factors: 1) Bad product normally cannot sustain for long, usually last for 6 - 12 months. 2) The buyer does not have the patience to see result. They expect short term success or result happening and give up fast and jump to the next product once they see no result yearning.

So usually if you really want review, its either go to the vendor and ask for report or at least read or watch the reviews from a forum instead from the individual party.

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