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30 April, 2019

Why Idiots Read Books

Why do you need to read books? It's for learning and implementation. You need to read and apply and not just for the sake of reading. Applied knowledge is power. Generally reading books is not an idiot but reading books blindly without taking any action is. So start from today! Get the essence from the book and apply it!

29 April, 2019

Don’t Quit Your Job Until You Watch This

Is it good idea to quit your job immediately? Even though you were told to burn your ship and go ahead, that's a very good move. However, not many people are ready for that, unless you prepare to make big sacrifice.

From the video, Dan's advice is to acquire a high income skill before you quit. His concern is, if you quit immediately,

1) How are you going to pay your bill?
2) How are you going to get income coming in?
3) How are you going to know the new thing you are doing is going to work?

Unless you are well prepared with saving which can last for 6 months to a year. Anyway, to each his own and whichever is working for you, just make sure you have a income source that works for you.

28 April, 2019

7 Signs You're Going To Be Successful

What is it to make the successful, successful?


1) Successful people has great habits. Habits determine 95%of a person's behavior. Successful habit such as wake up early, meditate, reading, exercise regularly, etc

2) Successful people are incredibly driven. It's you pushing yourself for result.

3) Successful people are confident in their abilities. We often face with two enemies within us, fear of the unknown and self doubt. But once we believe in ourselves, the confident naturally goes up.

4) Successful people communicate clearly. All successful people have one thing in common that is the ability to influence, persuade and inspire others.

5) Successful people have a growth mindset. Mark Cuben reads 3 hours a day. Bill Gates read at least 1 hour per day and Dan go through 2-3 books per week, or listening to audio podcast etc. Successful people always learning and growing non-stop. Successful people adopt "The more you know, the more you realize the more you actually don't know", but Unsuccessful people is "the less you know, you think you know all".

6) Successful people embraces failures Walt Disney was fired by news editor for not being creative  and lack of imagination, Steven Spielberg was rejected 3 times by film school before getting his huge break, Colonel Sanders of KFC at the age of 56 got rejected a thousand times for his recipe before a restaurant picks it up.

7) Successful people have high Emotional Quotient (E.Q) and self aware. They may not be the smartest people, but they surround themselves with smart people, they may not be the best student, but they demonstrate themselves with high emotional intelligence.

27 April, 2019

What is The Law Of Attraction: Does It Work?

Yes. It's possible! But if you are a negative person, feel free to skip this video. However, if you stay on, you basically want to know more. It's the focusing of the positive energy on the result that you want in your live. What we think in our mind is actually create the vision in the real world. Where your focus go, your energy flows! If you focus what you want, you will naturally go toward it eventually.

26 April, 2019

Living Paycheck To Paycheck

There is nothing wrong in getting a job, you need an income to sustain your living initially and temporary. However, don't hook on it for long term. Once your passive income surpass your job income, you can think of quitting to have more freedom and do where your passion is. We were "brainwashed" since young, in getting good grades, then get enable you to get good JOB to have high income. Then we can retired later with a well to do life. Seriously, is that the way to it and be slaved to it for your whole entire life and lose your direction?

It's time to wake up. In the video, Dan gave 5 tips :

1) Job Security is an illusion
Does it mean that if you worked for government job, big companies, etc. you are secured? You assumed that if a person worked his whole life smooth sailing would be safe? In this competitive edge, anything can happen, nobody can predict the future. What if the company go bankrupt, government change in political stand, you will still have a high chance of being layoff and throw into the street anytime even though you have work hard in you years to stick around, correct? When you are old, the less chance people will re-hire you. Think about it.

2) Work to learn, don't just work to earn
Don't be penny wise, pound foolish. Don't just pick a job after graduate that pays you a few dollars more. Don't be short-sighted. Pick an industry that you are interested in. Who you work for is way more important than what you do. Work to acquire your skill set, work to gain your knowledge. Work to be better, when you transition out to be on your own, nobody can take it from you.

3) Think of your job as temporary, not permanent
Leverage what you've learnt. Use that as a stepping stone to raise to the next level, to grow. Don't think it as permanent.

4) Put money aside as you earn more money
Parkinson's Law : "No matter how much money people earn, they tend to spend the entire amount and a little more." So,  as your income grow, your living expenses grow in relatively. Then what happen when you are laid off or lost that job? You lose your lifestyle which is why most salaried workers living in fear. They practically living paycheck to paycheck, so put some money aside to cushion it and serve as backup.

5) Create your own job security
It gives you financial confidence. This means that you don't depend on the government, economy, job, managers or boss, not even depending on your investment. You depend entirely on your own skill set to bring in money.

25 April, 2019

Change Your Life: These 3 Things Will Change EVERYTHING

If you really apply this 3 things in life, you will see results.

1) It is possible to change in life if you really make an effort to change.

2) Commit to growth. Why not make a commitment to yourself and have full control to make a change for the good?

3) Choose you hard. If you choose life to be easy now, life will be hard later. If you choose to be hard now, life will be easy at a later stage, your choice and don't keep whining and moaning.  If you can't take it anymore, then start it now!

24 April, 2019

How To Get Your First Client

In this short video, Dan shared with experience in getting his first client when he started out.
He had no credibility, no base, no exposure to know anyone, no success stories etc, He shared with you his two strategies that work:

1) (Assuming you are good at what you are doing) Do it on a performance basis
Challenge and assure your client that if your work don't produce result for him/her, you don't get paid. Approach your prospect an offer that cannot refuse. First and foremost is to get into the game instead of sitting there waiting, hoping and praying to get your first client that doesn't get you anywhere.

2) Piggy back on someone that already has your client that you want.
Both can work together and share resources, share customers. OR you can provide your email content service to funnel companies etc.

When you started off and have nothing, first get yourself some experience and build up your brand and portfolios instead of money. Once you get them established, it's much easier to get money flowing in effortlessly.

23 April, 2019

How To Create Wealth With Dwayne Clark

Undeniable, your risk tolerance starts to shrink the older as you get. You don't have the energy and health relatively as compared to a younger fellow who is more vibrant. But once you get there, you want to maintain it, it really depends what you want to achieve further in life, whether is it more cash or freedom. And according to the video, Dwayne share his ways in 3 areas, they are :

1) Create or build Artifacts. E.g. some sort like a passion, a legacy that it will carry on by itself even when you are not around anymore.

2) Business, you build your business further and track them. Cruise on.  As for real estate sharing, find unique properties that your competition have no access to. Create a niche.

3) Give back, you build foundation and try to help people who just started. You build reputation of integrity, reputation to say what you gonna do, reputation of great returns, reputation of providing residential care etc. Basically you create a brand for yourself.

22 April, 2019

Raw and Uncut Sales Role Play- Grant Cardone

Why people don't buy a product from you? They left, they didn't buy.

In this video, Grant Cardone share with you a strategy that will help to improve your selling skill through role play.

1) Don't talk too much, let the customer do the talking and speaking their concern. Listen to them, for example, they don't buy the product because they feel that it won't work.

2) Agree with them and explain to them why it doesn't work initially.
    Reason #1 : Because they don't have it.
    Reason #2 : buyer never insist on using the product

3) Find things that works and frequently used by buyers. Then blend in your selling product once they have it, they will frequent the product and use it. Then ask for more time to elaborate your product details further.

Remember, your job is to bring them and open up and understand your product, let them decide but you are one step closer in closing the sales.

21 April, 2019

How To Deal With Haters With Dan Peña

It's mainly due to jealousy. They cannot do it, they expect you to be the same as them. But once you prove them wrong or do something off their path, they begin to hate you because you are not one of them so to speak.

So just IGNORE THE NOISE, I know it's not easy but you have to train to toughen up and keep telling yourself that is perfectly alright for you and you are doing fine. Especially nowadays there are plenty of nameless, faceless "keyboard warrior" who spend hours of time to criticizes on other people fault except themselves.

Whenever you encounter this type of situation, take a step back and take a deep breathe and don't be emotional. There used to be a saying "Stick and stone can break your bones but words can never hurt you", this sentence still holds!. You should also improve your self esteem and self awareness. As time go by, you become 'immune' to it.

20 April, 2019

What Is The Difference Between Financial Freedom And Financial Confidence

Financial Freedom : Passive income more than your expense.

However, just that you are free today, not necessary you are free tomorrow. When the situation or market sentiment turn south, you may put back into bad money situation again.

You should aim for financial confidence instead which is a different concept. Regardless in what difficult situation you are in, you have the skill set to rebound again in a short period of time and gives you the money freedom again without any worry.

19 April, 2019

What Playing Video Games Has Taught Me

Why video games are so addictive? It's because most of the popular and successful video games give you a sense of "PURPOSE" which you dare not face in real life. If provides you a sense of temporary escape from real life and false hope and illusion that you are achieving something in the game, a goal without getting hurt in real life, many failures you encountered until you become 'successful'.

However in real life, you just drift along without the real purpose. For example, taking your day job, most of the people don't like their job but do it anyway. They do it because most of their peers are doing so and to earn a living that's all. They do it just for the sake of 'doing'. They show up daily in their work place, mundanely execute their task like a zombie without passion and purpose at all. They are not motivated at all. They hardly have the feeling to accomplish a task or 'mission'.

That is why when one is put in front of a video game, there is a plan and purpose. You can even fail and try many times until you accomplished the mission and move on to the next stage, a form of escape from real life.

In real life, we tend to give up after the first failure. If we can apply the same mindset of playing game for not giving up, keep trying until successful in real life, life would be good for sure.


1) Keep your Instagram stories active everyday.
2) Use stories to drive traffic
3) Get crystal clear with your bio
4) Use direct message (DM) to build relationship
5) Comment in relevant niches with relevant hashtags
6) Reposting of your hashtags in the comments of your post
7) Leverage the link in your bio

18 April, 2019

How To Sell Your Product Or Service - 5 Reasons Why People Buy

1) People buy based on price. However, when you compete by price, you die by price. It is not sustainable. Any time another seller can come in and compete with you with a even lower price.

2) People buy is because of selection. E.g. Amazon, Netflix, Walmart etc.

3) People buy based on quality. Some people wouldn't mind pay a little more to get quality stuff.

4) People buy based on convenience. E.g Amazon, one stop online shop. You literally no need to hunt every item in every other online store.

5) People buy based on personalization.

17 April, 2019

The Number One Thing That Holds People Back With Dwayne Clark

1) Risk tolerance : Everybody has a different risk quotient, threshold. If you want it bad enough like breathing, the chances that you will go all out to take risk toward your goal of success is very high.

2) Confidence : Try to remove away self-doubt and believe and tell yourself that you can handle it.

What is your definition of success? E.g. not everybody want to be a billionaire nor CEO in order to be successful, you can also defined to earn $200,000 a year in your pajamas or work only 20 hours a week and have time freedom. So money is not necessary everything, so long as you work toward your goal to achieve what you want.

16 April, 2019

10 Real Websites To Make Money Online! 2019

1) iWriter : Provide content on Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases, eBooks, Kindle Books, Amazon Reviews, Cover Letters.

2) Upwork : An International job portal where freelances bid to do simple job like data entry, excel job, transcript job, admin work, remote customer service and support work, translation job etc. The client will pay you according to the quality and hours you've put in.

3) YouTube : Ads will automatically added to your video so it will create passive income for you whenever people view your video. However, you need to have at least 4000 watch hours in last 12 months (watch 05.38 in video for requirement), 1000 subscribers and have a Google AdSense account link in order to qualify for application. So you still need to work for it and it's not immediate.

4) Fiverr : Similar to Upwork but they call it gigs, you provide your service and simple task for only $5 to get work done.

5) Dosh : Earn cash back by using debit card, you link your debit or credit card to the application and  you will get reward each time you use your card. you also can use it to refer to someone else and they will pay you each time per referral from $5 to $15 depending on promotion.

6) Kindle Publishing (KDP) : Similar to Amazon books except you publish in Kindle books platform and whenever people purchase your book, it will create passive income.

7) JVZoo : Affiliate Marketing, similar to Clickbank

8) Clickbank : The basic beginner for affiliate marketing.

9) Amazon associate : Amazon also have a site call Amazon associate, No doubt the commission is very much lower relatively but the quantity of attraction is huge if you master the sales in term of volume.

10) bluehost: A portal to create website using wordpress but they have a affiliate program. They pay each referral with a handsome amount.

15 April, 2019

Clients Say, “Do You Have A Guarantee?” And You Say "..."

1) Do not assume

2) Don't take things so Literally (turn it around and ask : Exactly what kind of guarantee are you looking for?...ask 2nd question : Is that what you are looking for?OR "Are you comfortable with that?" OR "Suppose there is a guarantee, what does it look like for you?)

3) Do not justify (Turn the objection into a commitment)

14 April, 2019

What's the BEST way to earn passive income? (ebooks vs courses vs membership sites)

1) Paperback book
2) ebooks
3) Rentals
4) Online courses. Two challenges :
    a) Creating the course is time consuming and building funnels etc
    b) Time and energy to build up audience
5) Membership programs
    a) Constantly you need to promote
    b) You have to grow your audience before you can launch
    c) You have to constantly create new content to attract people to stay on

13 April, 2019

Passive Income: How I Make $10,000 Per Month (2 Ways)

Even for passive income, you have to put in active effort first and reap the reward later.

Effective ways are :

1) YouTube.
You can get ads assign to you month after month and you are able to earn residual income. However, if you just started a YouTube video, you are not eligible and need to be consistent. There is a minimum requirement for the application of ads to be posted to your video. The requirements are mentioned in the video.

2) Affiliate Marketing
When you promote your sales that incur monthly subscription, e.g. when you made a sales months ago, they will still continue to pay you monthly and create a residue income as long the subscription still going on.

12 April, 2019

The 3 Most Important Skills In Sales

1) The ability to empathize with your customers. People usually don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Give a damn to your prospects.

2) The ability to uncover challenges and discover you prospects pain point. Problems drive sales.

3) The ability to handle objections. Don't be reactive. Be more proactive. If you do it well, objections will not arise in the first place.

11 April, 2019

Do You Have To Wake Up Early To Be Successful

According to the video which I agree, one man 'meat' is another man 'poison' although by waking up early is good and the majority successful people are following suit but it may not be suitable for you. Remember :

1) Success is to do with your habit
2) You have to know yourself well what time is the most productive for you
3) You absorb what is useful to you and reject those that are not applicable to you.

10 April, 2019

Best Way To Make Money Online (For A Beginner) In 2019 - $1,000 Per Day

What is affiliate marketing?

Say you are the "Middle Man". Your role is to find 'potential customer' to a niche 'product service' that is in demand. If the sales you help to promote go through, then you earn a certain percentage of commission from the 'product service' that you help to promote. It is a very powerful concept. You don't need to own any inventories to start a business, just need to help to promote the product that's all as the sales speech , delivery, customer support, shipping etc are all already prepared and handled by the company.

List of companies which using the similar concept are :

1) Uber (Transport)
2) Airbnb (Accommodation)
3) Expedia (Travel Portal which provides Airlines, Hotels, Transports)

They don't own a single vehicle, hotel, apartment and plane to start globally. All they need is a website. See the power or the concept?

08 April, 2019

Elon Musk's Top 9 Rules For Success

1) Has Drive
2) Manages Time Wisely
3) Persevere
4) Innovate
5) Attract and Motivate Great People
6) Entrepreneurship is not a One-Man Endeavor
7) Have a High Pain Tolerance
8) You Don't Need Traditional Education
9) Have a Feedback Loop

07 April, 2019

7 Dumb Questions That Cost You Money And Sales

1) How are you?
2) Are you the decision maker? (Should ask : "How do you make decision of this nature?"
3) So you are not interested in my _________?
4) Are you ready to buy today? (Should ask : "Where do we go from here? "OR "What would you like to do next?")
5) So you actually can't afford to buy this?
6) Are you saying you don't have the power to make the decision on your own?
7) So Mr. Prospect, when should I call you back?

06 April, 2019

How To Avoid Online Scams ❌ What to Watch Out For

1) Do your research, don't listen blindly and take out your credit card. Try keyword search, type "XXXXX review" etc.

2) Be careful of anything which involve money gram.  go FTC (federal Trade Commission) website and look for this article "10 things you do to avoid fraud".

3) There is no such thing as "Free" money. If they tell you that you do nothing, invest nothing, etc Usually they are scams as a red flag. However there are some legit applications that may make you to earn some token of money if you put in some effort by sharing the app. Just be skeptical at all times.

05 April, 2019

Don't Do These 5 Things With Your Money

If you spend like a poor person, you will always remain as a poor person. It's not how much money you made, but how much money you keep. So don't do these five things :

1) Don't Gamble (chances of winning a lottery ticket , for single state is 18,000,000 : 1 chance; for multiple state is 120,000,000 : 1 chance)
2) Don't buy things that you don't like (If you can't buy the thing twice, you can't afford it)
3) Don't buy things that will Rot your brain and Rob your Health (E.g. Cigarette, Alcohol, Drugs)
4) Don't invest into something that you don't understand
5) Don't loan money to your Friends

04 April, 2019

Easy Way To Make Passive Income Online With Google In 2019

Watch this short video on how to use these tools for affiliate marketing.

1) Keywords Everywhere

2) Ubersuggest