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28 April, 2019

7 Signs You're Going To Be Successful

What is it to make the successful, successful?


1) Successful people has great habits. Habits determine 95%of a person's behavior. Successful habit such as wake up early, meditate, reading, exercise regularly, etc

2) Successful people are incredibly driven. It's you pushing yourself for result.

3) Successful people are confident in their abilities. We often face with two enemies within us, fear of the unknown and self doubt. But once we believe in ourselves, the confident naturally goes up.

4) Successful people communicate clearly. All successful people have one thing in common that is the ability to influence, persuade and inspire others.

5) Successful people have a growth mindset. Mark Cuben reads 3 hours a day. Bill Gates read at least 1 hour per day and Dan go through 2-3 books per week, or listening to audio podcast etc. Successful people always learning and growing non-stop. Successful people adopt "The more you know, the more you realize the more you actually don't know", but Unsuccessful people is "the less you know, you think you know all".

6) Successful people embraces failures Walt Disney was fired by news editor for not being creative  and lack of imagination, Steven Spielberg was rejected 3 times by film school before getting his huge break, Colonel Sanders of KFC at the age of 56 got rejected a thousand times for his recipe before a restaurant picks it up.

7) Successful people have high Emotional Quotient (E.Q) and self aware. They may not be the smartest people, but they surround themselves with smart people, they may not be the best student, but they demonstrate themselves with high emotional intelligence.

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