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23 April, 2019

How To Create Wealth With Dwayne Clark

Undeniable, your risk tolerance starts to shrink the older as you get. You don't have the energy and health relatively as compared to a younger fellow who is more vibrant. But once you get there, you want to maintain it, it really depends what you want to achieve further in life, whether is it more cash or freedom. And according to the video, Dwayne share his ways in 3 areas, they are :

1) Create or build Artifacts. E.g. some sort like a passion, a legacy that it will carry on by itself even when you are not around anymore.

2) Business, you build your business further and track them. Cruise on.  As for real estate sharing, find unique properties that your competition have no access to. Create a niche.

3) Give back, you build foundation and try to help people who just started. You build reputation of integrity, reputation to say what you gonna do, reputation of great returns, reputation of providing residential care etc. Basically you create a brand for yourself.

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