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24 April, 2019

How To Get Your First Client

In this short video, Dan shared with experience in getting his first client when he started out.
He had no credibility, no base, no exposure to know anyone, no success stories etc, He shared with you his two strategies that work:

1) (Assuming you are good at what you are doing) Do it on a performance basis
Challenge and assure your client that if your work don't produce result for him/her, you don't get paid. Approach your prospect an offer that cannot refuse. First and foremost is to get into the game instead of sitting there waiting, hoping and praying to get your first client that doesn't get you anywhere.

2) Piggy back on someone that already has your client that you want.
Both can work together and share resources, share customers. OR you can provide your email content service to funnel companies etc.

When you started off and have nothing, first get yourself some experience and build up your brand and portfolios instead of money. Once you get them established, it's much easier to get money flowing in effortlessly.

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