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22 April, 2019

Raw and Uncut Sales Role Play- Grant Cardone

Why people don't buy a product from you? They left, they didn't buy.

In this video, Grant Cardone share with you a strategy that will help to improve your selling skill through role play.

1) Don't talk too much, let the customer do the talking and speaking their concern. Listen to them, for example, they don't buy the product because they feel that it won't work.

2) Agree with them and explain to them why it doesn't work initially.
    Reason #1 : Because they don't have it.
    Reason #2 : buyer never insist on using the product

3) Find things that works and frequently used by buyers. Then blend in your selling product once they have it, they will frequent the product and use it. Then ask for more time to elaborate your product details further.

Remember, your job is to bring them and open up and understand your product, let them decide but you are one step closer in closing the sales.

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