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19 April, 2019

What Playing Video Games Has Taught Me

Why video games are so addictive? It's because most of the popular and successful video games give you a sense of "PURPOSE" which you dare not face in real life. If provides you a sense of temporary escape from real life and false hope and illusion that you are achieving something in the game, a goal without getting hurt in real life, many failures you encountered until you become 'successful'.

However in real life, you just drift along without the real purpose. For example, taking your day job, most of the people don't like their job but do it anyway. They do it because most of their peers are doing so and to earn a living that's all. They do it just for the sake of 'doing'. They show up daily in their work place, mundanely execute their task like a zombie without passion and purpose at all. They are not motivated at all. They hardly have the feeling to accomplish a task or 'mission'.

That is why when one is put in front of a video game, there is a plan and purpose. You can even fail and try many times until you accomplished the mission and move on to the next stage, a form of escape from real life.

In real life, we tend to give up after the first failure. If we can apply the same mindset of playing game for not giving up, keep trying until successful in real life, life would be good for sure.

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