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31 May, 2019

How Amazon is Taking Over The World

This short video shows how Amazon starts from selling online books to a multi-billion company. Now it sells not just only books but many accessories and apparels. It's expanding to have its own brand and is growing. Watch this video.

30 May, 2019

3 Dangerous Words That Keep You Poor

Have you ever thought why some people can get rich faster and some still remain poor?  It's all in the mindset.
In this video, Dan share 3 words that keeps people poor. They are

#1. Hope.
Don't think "Hope". It keeps you poor. Successful people don't use the word "Hope" because it means you have no control and no power over the outcome. So eliminate this word from your vocabulary.

#2. Can't.
"I can't do it", "I can't, I don't have time", "I can't afford it" etc. The moment you think you can't, your brain stops thinking of solution. You limit yourself. It robs you off your potential and possibilities. Instead you should ask yourself "How can I do it"

#3. Try
The minute you use the word "Try" that means you already giving yourself an excuse for failure, a way out. From the video, there is no such thing as "try". It's either "do' or "don't". Try doesn't exist at all. So from now onward, Eliminate all these 3 words from your mindset vocabulary and move toward success!

29 May, 2019

Earn $100 With Affiliate Marketing By Branding Core Offers

If you choose to work from home, affiliate marketing is one of the option to go for it. The good things are you don't have to create your own product, write product sales, deal with customers, charge back, fulfillment, shipment and etc.

With competition growing as time goes by, making money online is getting difficult, especially affiliate marketing since its easy. However, there are 3 evergreen area that are popular that gets better hit rate when one promote the niche, they are health, wealth, and relationship.

So you need to align yourself and passionate about the area that you are promoting.
If you don't have passion, you wont push yourself hard to see success, which is why many marketers quit when they see no success.

When you choose your product to promote, it is important to brand yourself to promote that product first. Although the product has its own sales page, but instead you may promote it prior to that, whether YouTube, blogging, social media, etc by writing a review or your own personal view as a 3rd party. That way your potential customers may buy the product based on your information provided.

28 May, 2019

The 3 Basics Of Growing A 6-Figure Business Online

If you are a beginner, watch this video, Nathan is sharing his past experience when he started off to grow his online business from home.

#1. Build Audience
There are several ways to build audience like YouTube, Blogging or Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You provide valuable content to people, to help people and attract them.

#2. Engage with Audience
E.g. Engage people with email list. That way you are able to build relation, trust and rapport.

#3. Sell
Do you have a valuable product that can in exchange for monetary reward and at the same time helping people to invest in themselves?

27 May, 2019

Expectations vs Reality - Working from Home

Working from home DEFINITELY have a lot of benefits than your day job. The main benefits are the flexibility and freedom. Also, you are your own boss and nobody controls over you except yourself. However, you still need to have self-discipline to motivate yourself. If you choose to take no action then nothing get done.

Anyway this video is for fun only, watch this video then decide whether it suits you as a whole. Enjoy! :)

26 May, 2019

How To Actually Make The Law of Attraction Work - 6 Steps To Manifest Anything

What is the Law of attraction?
In brief, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

#Step 1 Know what you want.
Be specific. and don't generalize.

#Step 2 Believe it will happen.
When you truly believe in something, it will change the way you act in life. Believe in yourself.

#Step 3 Visualize it in your mind.
Create repetition thought even the actual event happened. It creates neural pathway in your mind, trick the brain that you already have it and perform the way it should be.

#Step 4 Better self-talk.
Our subconscious mind is by default program us to fail since we were taught in that way since young that we need to be 100% confident before we taking a leap. So you can rectify it by constantly correcting and motivate yourself when you encountered challenges

#Step 5 Ask yourself the right questions.
Example, instead of telling yourself that it's impossible to do it, why not change it around and ask yourself: "how do I achieve this goal or solve it?" Don't think negatively, always think positively for the approach. Don't think "Problems", think of "Challenges"

#Step 6 Take action toward you goal.
Talk is cheap. "I want to do this, I want to lose weight, etc" but you still lying on your bed. A dream is still a dream until action is taken. Go to the gym, exercise and eat healthily. Make a change in you life. Just do it!

25 May, 2019

How To Make Passive Income Traveling The World

It's definitely possible for you to earn passive income far more than and surpass your daily salary job income and travel the world.

However, it will not come easy initially.

You still need to hustle and willing to take action and work.

First of all, getting rid of the mindset of trading time for money is difficult but it can be done. It's a paradigm shift. you learn a skill set not only to earn income for today but also for the days to come.

You just need to set it up one time and let it run autopilot and that's the power of internet marketing.

You still need to work but you work for the passion that gives you the greatest return!

24 May, 2019

📹 How To Grow Faster On YouTube in 2019 - 1 Strategy That Works

If you master it well, you literally can gain more subscribers and viewers and earnings. However, there are growing challenges, You need to engage with the audience constantly and just be yourself. You need to be committed as well.

In the video, the YouTuber, Lea, took the 100 days challenge and keeps refining her skills along the way.

One piece of advice she gave is to create daily videos for that 100 days, the first 1,000 subscribers are the hardest to gain but once you cross that hurdle, everything come easy and you are comfortable with it.

Nathan also shared his experience to follow and model the successful YouTuber and provide more content as time goes by.

23 May, 2019

Starting a YouTube Channel Q&A

The questions are (By the way, you can find Gillian's answers in the video):

#1. Should I name my channel, my name or something else? Can I change my channel name in the future?

#2. Do I ever have to pay YouTube to have or operate a channel?

#3. Do I completely own the content that I upload to YouTube? Can I post the sane video on YouTube and on my website?

#4. Do I have to monetize my channel? If I don't monetize my channel, will YouTube still shows ads on it?

#5. Should I allow ads on my video from day one?

#6. Will I still get paid id viewers have YouTube red?

#7. Should I enable all of them to try and get the most of ads revenue?

#8. What doe the check-mark next to some channel names mean?

#9. How can I verify my YouTube channel?

#10. What's more important - Quantity or quality?

#11. Is there a good program for editing for beginners?

#12. Should I film YouTube video horizontal or vertical?

#13. How long will it takes to see views and subscribes grow?

#14. Will views and subscribers come organically?

#15. At what point should I say something's not working?

#16. Should I pay for ads to get more eyes on my channel/videos?

22 May, 2019

3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail

In this video, Dan share 3 main reasons why most entrepreneurs fail. They are:

#1. Following fake gurus.
Most fake gurus are usually fly by night and cannot sustain for long. Their philosophy is getting rich but not staying rich.

#2. Doing things in the wrong order.
Instead of putting all eggs into the same basket, Dan's advice is to invest into yourself first by acquiring a skill set , then you can expand and lower the risk of getting success.

#3. Inability to turn prospects into customers.
The no.1 ability in entrepreneurship is to "close" sales. Most people don't know how to communicate and almost knows how to close.

21 May, 2019

How To THINK About Successful People - Don't Make This Mistake!

It's a mindset shift in order to be successful. Initially when you begin the journey, you started off with a jealousy mindset. You keep thinking "Why people can be successful and you aren't", that's where the problem lies. You are giving excuses for yourself  and focusing and thinking negatively. Subconsciously you are separating yourself from achieving success and do the necessary work instead.

Actually people who are successful are no smarter than you, they are just plain human like you and me. The only difference is in the mindset. So the next time when you see successful people showcase their result, don't get jealous. Instead, emulating them and by no time with hustle and taking action, it will definitely be your turn to be successful.

19 May, 2019

Is your junk keeping you from getting rich?

To be successful in whatever you are doing, we need to be focus. Most of the time we can't because in the back of our mind are 'junk' hindering our thinking.

Imagine you need to access the rear door fast by walking through from the main door, the hallway, the kitchen. There are many cluttered areas which block your direct path of access. Instead, you need to negotiate the 'obstacles' and 'bends' in order to get there in a straight line.

Same thing apply to our mindset. That is why we constantly need to de-cluttered the brain to make space for new knowledge that keeps us grow in our thoughts.

Not only that, by clearing the so-called 'junk' in our brain, it provides us a much more clarity to 'see' and 'feel' much better and receptive for newer ideas. Don't let the 'junk' in your brain to cloud your vision or goal and prevent you from thinking straight!

18 May, 2019

7 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To AI And What To Do About I

This is a true fact. 7 Jobs will disappear in the next 20 years due to artificial intelligence. According to a professor at Oxford University, 47% job types are in the high risk category which are potentially replaceable and automateable by robots.

Below are the job types at risk.

1) Labour intensive and risky jobs (e.g. Construction works)
2) Drivers
3) Fast food workers
4) Farmers
5) Accounting and Book-keeping
6) Waiters
7) Delivery

Job types that normally don't really require much thinking are easily replaceable and first to go.

16 May, 2019

Making Money Online In 2019 - Advice EVERYONE Should Hear

#1) Learn and acquiring a skill set that leads to your goal.
When you are exposed to an area of unfamiliarity, learn your skill set along the way. Acquiring your knowledge through failures. Once you have the skill set, you are more confident on what you doing and since you familiar in the area, you can expedite and earn more money.

#2) Mindset for success.
Most people quit when they encounter failures and they give up easily. This is due to weak mindset.  We were taught since young to start to do things until we are ready for it to minimize failure or being laugh at by friends. Take note, success takes time. Just do it. you are bound to have many failures in the journey to success. This is where you are toughen up. Train your mindset to think positively and push through the difficulties.

15 May, 2019

How to Create a YouTube Channel: Step-by-Step TUTORIAL

For people who are interested in starting videos in YouTube, do watch this video guide as Gillian with bring you through from signing in, creating your YouTube profile, upload your video etc to get ready.

In the video, she also mention where to download a list of YouTube checklist from her.

14 May, 2019

2 Sweet Apps To Make Money From Your Smartphone in 2019

In this video, Nathan share two apps that help to make extra money. Not much but it helps with some cash though.

1) DOSH.
It is an app that you can download to your phone and connect your debit or credit card to it. DOSH connects with plenty of stores with rewards and whenever you use your debit or credit card in these stores, You can see there is either reward or cash back credited to your app. It's that simple.

It applies the same concept as DOSH. Instead of linking to debit or credit cards, you can download the app and complete surveys or download applications. The downloaded applications will come with reward points and once you accumulate them, you can exchange for gift card or cash etc.

13 May, 2019

The #1 Mistake People Make In Online Business - 3 Things To Focus On To Make $100 Per Day

The biggest mistake is we spread ourselves too thin and difficult to focus, when we just started. In this video, Nathan shared his thought on two things. Firstly is to educated yourself from training. You need to spend time and hone your skills. Do what you need to do but just don't quit too soon.

Secondly, once you are good at it, you can start to build a system around you that helps you to promote and earn money around the clock passively. Everyone has a different speed of learning curve but as long as you keep focusing and moving forward, your goal will be there.

12 May, 2019

Affiliate Marketing 2019 - 3 Most Important Things To Make Money

Success don't come overnight. For those who already made it to their goal, KUDOS to you! :)
For those still struggling, keep trying and be patience and consistent, you are on the right track and it's round the corner!

In this video, Nathan share 3 things in affiliate marketing.

1) Platform.
E.g. YouTube, blog, social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Attract the audience to the platform and sell someone's product. Just pick a platform and focus into into it until success. Don't jump around and spread yourself too thin.

2) Leads.
You need leads in order to earn. Traffic brings you leads and leads bring you sales.

3) Email autoresponder.
Once you have leads, that means at least they are interested in the product you promote. Then you need an email autoresponder to reply the potential leads with further information which may lead to the sales. In the video, GetResponse is recommended. It's only USD$15 monthly. which comes out USD$180 yearly.

11 May, 2019

9 Passive Income Ideas (that earn $1000+ per month)

#1. Start a YouTube channel.
Attract views with quality content and you are able to attract ads revenue. You can say it's not an passive income type once you stop making active video. Agree. But how about old videos that you made long ago but still gain views? The ads will still generate passive income for you right?

#2. Start a membership website.
You can put quality content in your site and if people love it and willing to read further, they can can pay a monthly subscription to read more. It depends on the topic you choose to entice readers and subscription.

#3. Write a book.
Usually you will earn a royalties for $5 each if the book is sold. It may not be much at the beginning but think of long term and remember, they are passive.

#4. Create a lead generation website.
In order to do this, you need to have substantial amount of digital marketing knowledge so you can create an attractive page to attract lead to a service, thereby the company that you worked for will pay you for the leads you help to bring in.

#5. Amazon affiliate program. 
The good thing is, if the person who clicked on your link and doesn't buy your recommended product, but within 24 hrs if that person goes back to Amazon and buy other product, you will still get the commission on the product that person buy.

#6. Market a niche affiliate opportunity.
Choose only a digital product, most likely a course or software.

#7. Create an online course.
If you promote in own website, you can charge higher (if your blog site already have high traffic) whereas if you promote in a common platform which able to drive traffic, then usually you will earn lower. But again it depends on what topic on what your course is all about.

#8. Invest in real estate. 
If you have the money sitting in the saving bank, use it to buy real estate instead of the yearly miserable interest given out by the bank. It's more like rental properties where you can collect rent monthly.

#9. Rent out a room in your house.
If you have a house with a room hardly use, why not consider to rent it out and make some monthly passive rental income? if you consider security is an issue, why not conduct an interview and only shortlist decent candidate like student, worker that study or work nearby?

10 May, 2019

💰 How To Get Rich Fast - The New Way To Create Wealth

This video is about 20 minutes long. If you do not have the time to watch, I'll summarize here :

From the old way is through investing, like stocks, real estate that gives you a high return of rate of investment (ROI). But nowadays, time have changed. many younger generations becoming rich because they are leveraging on internet.
Investing is good, but its for the long haul and slow in return. So in this new era, make money fast, but that doesn't mean go to get-rich-quick ponzi scheme.
The fastest way to make money to accumulate wealth

Step #1 is to make more money. 
Figure out what is best for you. Just do it, Whether it is dropshipping, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, etc, Just ride on the opportunity of internet.

Step #2 take a small portion from what you earned and invest to make more money.

Step #3 It's more of Nathan's on his own mindset, if you don't really agree, then skip. He believes in no retirement. As long as you are an able body, your duty in life is to contribute to the society. So in order to do that, you need to first to make more money in order to help others, so how to make more money when you are old? Internet of course!

09 May, 2019

5 Ways To Make Money On YouTube With A Small Channel

For starters, don't discouraged. In this video, Dan shared his experience he got started. When he only have a 1000+ subscribers, he already earned $10,000+, when he had 10,000+ subscribers, he earned $100,000. When he had 100,000+ subscribers, he already earned $1,000,000+. In here, he points out 5 ways:

1) You can sell service.
You can leverage on YouTube and making use of it as a lead generation platform. Good for service providers such as consultants, coach, experts, real estate agent, mortgage broker, insurance agent, and etc. Let them consume your content and seek your advice. When they are ready to do business, likelihood you will be the first one that pops into their mind and create a higher chance to do business with.

2) Events.
Let's you have a small group of fans from all over the world. You can create tickets for them to buy and meet up with you to attend live events. Examples like pop singers, sign autograph, take photos etc. You can use that to generate revenue from the money earned. You don't need a lot of people.

3) Offering digital products.
Digital courses. programs. online training programs etc.

4) Make money as an affiliate
You can help to promote other people, such as creators, expert for their digital courses if there is an affiliate link to it and if people buy through this link you help to promote, you will then earn a commission.

5) Be a YouTube consultant
There are many opportunities out there as some may want to launch  a YouTube channel or companies that have YouTube channels but struggling to grow it. If you are good at it, you can offer your service and charge them for a fee for consultation or something similar to YouTube agency and manage for them monthly.

08 May, 2019

The 3 Basic Money Skills You Need To Know

In this video, Dan shared 3 money skills if you want to create wealth. They are :

1) Making it.

2) Keeping it.

3) Multiplying it.

If you good in making money, you must also know how to keep it for other investment and not spend them away aimlessly. Then use them wisely and re-invest the profit to make bigger amount of money. That is how the rich gets richer.

07 May, 2019

When To Quit Your Job And Become An Entrepreneur Full-Time (I Finally Did It)

To quit or not to quit is the question. It's a hard decision truly. If it is a clear cut signal that you don't like your day job at all, once your residual income surpass your day job income, you can tendered your resignation. But if you kind of don't really hate your job, then you have to do some serious thinking what do you want in life and freedom.

According to the video, Nathan suggest one has to have a saving that can sustain for at least a year totally without working and your residual income to have 2X of your day job income, then you are safe to quit. But every individual is different, so think it wisely. Don't take advice as it is, you can absorb things that resonate to your situation.

06 May, 2019

The Cold Hard Truth About New Recruits in Network Marketing, with Eric Worre

According to the video, Eric Worre mentioned that this is the reality in network marketing. So don't beat yourself up if you don't produce as what you expected and discouraged after seeing the figures. Just keep trying and moving forward and don't expect everyone to move forward with the same speed.

To make it simple, out of 100 people that you recruited, just a rough figure as statistic,

1) 70 are Plain Consumers who do nothing at all and recruit nobody further.

2) 20 are Social En-rollers, who just recruit 1-2 people. They are not active in building, just occasionally share the product that's all.

3) 5 Retailers, they recruit 3-5 people. they just keep selling to people and do nothing but just simply selling.

4) 3 Recruiters, they bring in about 6-9 people. They sell the service and train other sales people.

5) 2 Super Recruiters, they bring in about 10 or more, average about 27.

So out of 100, only 2 persons working real hard for you.

05 May, 2019

Marvel's superhero Iron man Tony Stark's Top 9 Rules For Success

1) Be your biggest fan. Always confident about yourself.

2) Be determined. Hone on area that you are good at to build on your confidence. When you are more confident, you are naturally more determined as well.

3) Communicate confidently. Nowadays most people hide behind computers, so polish up your communication skill on a face to face basis.

4) Make sacrifice for the things you love. In order to bring your life to the next level, there is a trade-off, a delay gratification. You cannot have best of both world.

5) Sometimes you need to run before you can walk. Success is messy, you need to do things simultaneously at times and take risk. You can be totally ready before you proceed to the next step, it depends on how hungry you are to reach your goal.

6) Make sure you know who you are before you take on something big. Primary factor is yourself and environmental factors are secondary. When you are good at things and give values to people, money will automatically pour in, but not the other way round.

7) Know what you end goal is with your work. Sometimes we just do things blindly and aimlessly. Once in a while, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves are the work the we do helps in direction to reach our goal? If not, why are we doing it?

8) Embrace your true self. Just be your genuine self. Don't hide. It's much easier to be your true self when you want to build a brand about yourself.

9) Stick to your gut. Usually your intuition is accurate.

04 May, 2019

The #1 Psychology Trick To INSTANTLY Persuade Anyone Anytime

Persuasion is a learnable skill.
So what is persuasion? It is a skill or art to get someone to say "YES"

Learn Mirroring. Mirroring equals mimicking. Simply like mirroring their facial expression, body language when sitting face to face etc. BUT don't do it the wrong way and copy immediately, it looks so artificial. Instead do it naturally after some time. The benefit is like you guys are "in-sync", in the same wavelength and proceed the topic deeper. In order to persuade, there is subconsciously a layer of trust being built up.

Also "Like people who think, talk, move like us." You can mirror their gestures, vocal pitch, tone and body posture but verbal communication is only 7% of communication and most of it is subconscious which is why mirroring are so powerful. There are also spiritually mirroring, environmental mirroring, belief mirroring, identity mirroring.  All these clicked when there are common topic and immediately bring the bond and trust which will make things easier down the road.

03 May, 2019

How To Grow With 0 Views And 0 Subscribers from YouTube

For people who are new and wants to start a YouTube channel to gain more traffic, it's frustrating to have zero views and zero subscriber to your YouTube initially. It's understandable. In this video, Dan Lok share 5 secrets to increase it, they are :

1) Use compelling titles. You don't want to be boring, make it interesting and catch attention during the search.

2) Hook them with a YouTube trailer.

3) Fall in love with you fans but not your content.

4) Have a Call To Action (CTA) in your video.

5) Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.

Watch the video and it's worth.

02 May, 2019

How To Break Limiting Beliefs In 2 Simple Steps

In order to reach your goal to success, there are two factors that you need to apply. They are :

1) Action
2) Belief

They both need to work closely together. Just one of them doesn't work. With action alone, if you don't belief you can achieve your goal, then you lose momentum and eventually you have a high chance to stop moving on.

If you only belief in yourself that you will achieve your goal but choose to do nothing or taking any action, then a dream is still a dream until you get it done.

So, visualize your goal, it will somehow create a sense of feelings of accomplishment toward it. It is a practice to improve your belief. With action, you will work towards it. A strong belief is to help you to push your action further.

01 May, 2019

Passive Income Ideas 💡: 10 Ways I Make $1,000 Per Month

In the video, Jeff shared his 10 ways of generating passive income

1) Investment (If you have some money to spare, don't lock it in bank, take note, only spend amount that you can afford to lose because it involve some risk). Investments like dividends from ETF, mutual funds. Also rental income, interest, peer to peer lending, fundrise etc.

2) Affiliates (From blog, YouTube channel, Social Media, etc)

3) Display Ads. If you blog get a decent amount of traffic, you can approach company that have the same niche as you to advertise their product on your blog and you get paid monthly.

4) CPC Ads (Click per Click)

5) Sell leads. If you have too much traffic that you are unable to cope, can consider to sell them away to the same niche industry same as you.

6) Course Sales.

7) Digital Products. E.g. eBooks, Amazon Publishing, Email Instruction Guide, etc

8) YouTube Ads
When you have gained a decent amount of viewers and not so active right now, your earlier 'old' video may be still running with YouTube Ads, thereby generating some passive income for a while.

9 & 10 related. Financial Planning business.