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30 May, 2019

3 Dangerous Words That Keep You Poor

Have you ever thought why some people can get rich faster and some still remain poor?  It's all in the mindset.
In this video, Dan share 3 words that keeps people poor. They are

#1. Hope.
Don't think "Hope". It keeps you poor. Successful people don't use the word "Hope" because it means you have no control and no power over the outcome. So eliminate this word from your vocabulary.

#2. Can't.
"I can't do it", "I can't, I don't have time", "I can't afford it" etc. The moment you think you can't, your brain stops thinking of solution. You limit yourself. It robs you off your potential and possibilities. Instead you should ask yourself "How can I do it"

#3. Try
The minute you use the word "Try" that means you already giving yourself an excuse for failure, a way out. From the video, there is no such thing as "try". It's either "do' or "don't". Try doesn't exist at all. So from now onward, Eliminate all these 3 words from your mindset vocabulary and move toward success!

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