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09 May, 2019

5 Ways To Make Money On YouTube With A Small Channel

For starters, don't discouraged. In this video, Dan shared his experience he got started. When he only have a 1000+ subscribers, he already earned $10,000+, when he had 10,000+ subscribers, he earned $100,000. When he had 100,000+ subscribers, he already earned $1,000,000+. In here, he points out 5 ways:

1) You can sell service.
You can leverage on YouTube and making use of it as a lead generation platform. Good for service providers such as consultants, coach, experts, real estate agent, mortgage broker, insurance agent, and etc. Let them consume your content and seek your advice. When they are ready to do business, likelihood you will be the first one that pops into their mind and create a higher chance to do business with.

2) Events.
Let's you have a small group of fans from all over the world. You can create tickets for them to buy and meet up with you to attend live events. Examples like pop singers, sign autograph, take photos etc. You can use that to generate revenue from the money earned. You don't need a lot of people.

3) Offering digital products.
Digital courses. programs. online training programs etc.

4) Make money as an affiliate
You can help to promote other people, such as creators, expert for their digital courses if there is an affiliate link to it and if people buy through this link you help to promote, you will then earn a commission.

5) Be a YouTube consultant
There are many opportunities out there as some may want to launch  a YouTube channel or companies that have YouTube channels but struggling to grow it. If you are good at it, you can offer your service and charge them for a fee for consultation or something similar to YouTube agency and manage for them monthly.

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