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11 May, 2019

9 Passive Income Ideas (that earn $1000+ per month)

#1. Start a YouTube channel.
Attract views with quality content and you are able to attract ads revenue. You can say it's not an passive income type once you stop making active video. Agree. But how about old videos that you made long ago but still gain views? The ads will still generate passive income for you right?

#2. Start a membership website.
You can put quality content in your site and if people love it and willing to read further, they can can pay a monthly subscription to read more. It depends on the topic you choose to entice readers and subscription.

#3. Write a book.
Usually you will earn a royalties for $5 each if the book is sold. It may not be much at the beginning but think of long term and remember, they are passive.

#4. Create a lead generation website.
In order to do this, you need to have substantial amount of digital marketing knowledge so you can create an attractive page to attract lead to a service, thereby the company that you worked for will pay you for the leads you help to bring in.

#5. Amazon affiliate program. 
The good thing is, if the person who clicked on your link and doesn't buy your recommended product, but within 24 hrs if that person goes back to Amazon and buy other product, you will still get the commission on the product that person buy.

#6. Market a niche affiliate opportunity.
Choose only a digital product, most likely a course or software.

#7. Create an online course.
If you promote in own website, you can charge higher (if your blog site already have high traffic) whereas if you promote in a common platform which able to drive traffic, then usually you will earn lower. But again it depends on what topic on what your course is all about.

#8. Invest in real estate. 
If you have the money sitting in the saving bank, use it to buy real estate instead of the yearly miserable interest given out by the bank. It's more like rental properties where you can collect rent monthly.

#9. Rent out a room in your house.
If you have a house with a room hardly use, why not consider to rent it out and make some monthly passive rental income? if you consider security is an issue, why not conduct an interview and only shortlist decent candidate like student, worker that study or work nearby?

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