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12 May, 2019

Affiliate Marketing 2019 - 3 Most Important Things To Make Money

Success don't come overnight. For those who already made it to their goal, KUDOS to you! :)
For those still struggling, keep trying and be patience and consistent, you are on the right track and it's round the corner!

In this video, Nathan share 3 things in affiliate marketing.

1) Platform.
E.g. YouTube, blog, social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Attract the audience to the platform and sell someone's product. Just pick a platform and focus into into it until success. Don't jump around and spread yourself too thin.

2) Leads.
You need leads in order to earn. Traffic brings you leads and leads bring you sales.

3) Email autoresponder.
Once you have leads, that means at least they are interested in the product you promote. Then you need an email autoresponder to reply the potential leads with further information which may lead to the sales. In the video, GetResponse is recommended. It's only USD$15 monthly. which comes out USD$180 yearly.

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