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26 May, 2019

How To Actually Make The Law of Attraction Work - 6 Steps To Manifest Anything

What is the Law of attraction?
In brief, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

#Step 1 Know what you want.
Be specific. and don't generalize.

#Step 2 Believe it will happen.
When you truly believe in something, it will change the way you act in life. Believe in yourself.

#Step 3 Visualize it in your mind.
Create repetition thought even the actual event happened. It creates neural pathway in your mind, trick the brain that you already have it and perform the way it should be.

#Step 4 Better self-talk.
Our subconscious mind is by default program us to fail since we were taught in that way since young that we need to be 100% confident before we taking a leap. So you can rectify it by constantly correcting and motivate yourself when you encountered challenges

#Step 5 Ask yourself the right questions.
Example, instead of telling yourself that it's impossible to do it, why not change it around and ask yourself: "how do I achieve this goal or solve it?" Don't think negatively, always think positively for the approach. Don't think "Problems", think of "Challenges"

#Step 6 Take action toward you goal.
Talk is cheap. "I want to do this, I want to lose weight, etc" but you still lying on your bed. A dream is still a dream until action is taken. Go to the gym, exercise and eat healthily. Make a change in you life. Just do it!

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