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05 May, 2019

Marvel's superhero Iron man Tony Stark's Top 9 Rules For Success

1) Be your biggest fan. Always confident about yourself.

2) Be determined. Hone on area that you are good at to build on your confidence. When you are more confident, you are naturally more determined as well.

3) Communicate confidently. Nowadays most people hide behind computers, so polish up your communication skill on a face to face basis.

4) Make sacrifice for the things you love. In order to bring your life to the next level, there is a trade-off, a delay gratification. You cannot have best of both world.

5) Sometimes you need to run before you can walk. Success is messy, you need to do things simultaneously at times and take risk. You can be totally ready before you proceed to the next step, it depends on how hungry you are to reach your goal.

6) Make sure you know who you are before you take on something big. Primary factor is yourself and environmental factors are secondary. When you are good at things and give values to people, money will automatically pour in, but not the other way round.

7) Know what you end goal is with your work. Sometimes we just do things blindly and aimlessly. Once in a while, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves are the work the we do helps in direction to reach our goal? If not, why are we doing it?

8) Embrace your true self. Just be your genuine self. Don't hide. It's much easier to be your true self when you want to build a brand about yourself.

9) Stick to your gut. Usually your intuition is accurate.

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