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23 May, 2019

Starting a YouTube Channel Q&A

The questions are (By the way, you can find Gillian's answers in the video):

#1. Should I name my channel, my name or something else? Can I change my channel name in the future?

#2. Do I ever have to pay YouTube to have or operate a channel?

#3. Do I completely own the content that I upload to YouTube? Can I post the sane video on YouTube and on my website?

#4. Do I have to monetize my channel? If I don't monetize my channel, will YouTube still shows ads on it?

#5. Should I allow ads on my video from day one?

#6. Will I still get paid id viewers have YouTube red?

#7. Should I enable all of them to try and get the most of ads revenue?

#8. What doe the check-mark next to some channel names mean?

#9. How can I verify my YouTube channel?

#10. What's more important - Quantity or quality?

#11. Is there a good program for editing for beginners?

#12. Should I film YouTube video horizontal or vertical?

#13. How long will it takes to see views and subscribes grow?

#14. Will views and subscribers come organically?

#15. At what point should I say something's not working?

#16. Should I pay for ads to get more eyes on my channel/videos?

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