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04 May, 2019

The #1 Psychology Trick To INSTANTLY Persuade Anyone Anytime

Persuasion is a learnable skill.
So what is persuasion? It is a skill or art to get someone to say "YES"

Learn Mirroring. Mirroring equals mimicking. Simply like mirroring their facial expression, body language when sitting face to face etc. BUT don't do it the wrong way and copy immediately, it looks so artificial. Instead do it naturally after some time. The benefit is like you guys are "in-sync", in the same wavelength and proceed the topic deeper. In order to persuade, there is subconsciously a layer of trust being built up.

Also "Like people who think, talk, move like us." You can mirror their gestures, vocal pitch, tone and body posture but verbal communication is only 7% of communication and most of it is subconscious which is why mirroring are so powerful. There are also spiritually mirroring, environmental mirroring, belief mirroring, identity mirroring.  All these clicked when there are common topic and immediately bring the bond and trust which will make things easier down the road.

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