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06 May, 2019

The Cold Hard Truth About New Recruits in Network Marketing, with Eric Worre

According to the video, Eric Worre mentioned that this is the reality in network marketing. So don't beat yourself up if you don't produce as what you expected and discouraged after seeing the figures. Just keep trying and moving forward and don't expect everyone to move forward with the same speed.

To make it simple, out of 100 people that you recruited, just a rough figure as statistic,

1) 70 are Plain Consumers who do nothing at all and recruit nobody further.

2) 20 are Social En-rollers, who just recruit 1-2 people. They are not active in building, just occasionally share the product that's all.

3) 5 Retailers, they recruit 3-5 people. they just keep selling to people and do nothing but just simply selling.

4) 3 Recruiters, they bring in about 6-9 people. They sell the service and train other sales people.

5) 2 Super Recruiters, they bring in about 10 or more, average about 27.

So out of 100, only 2 persons working real hard for you.

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