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28 June, 2019

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Make Money Online (PERIOD)

There are many ways to make money online and affiliate marketing is the fastest so far because you do not need to worry about the product cost, you don't have to physically buy the product, you don't have to provide customer support, you don't have to write the sales article, you don't have to responsible for the product delivery etc.

All you need to do is to promote the product and someone buys it from your affiliate link, you will then earn a commission from it. It's that simple.

26 June, 2019

How Do You Know If You're On The Right Path?

When you choose the path of working from home, how do you know this is the path you want? How do you know you are doing the right thing and heading in the right direction?

In this video, Dan going to share some advice.

In order to go to your destination, you need two things. That is,

#1. Know exactly where you want to go.
Most people don't have a clear vision of where they are heading, but once you have the vivid goal, go for it but if presently what you are doing doesn't bring you toward your goal, then tweak it.

#2. Where are you at.
You need to very clear and honest to yourself of where you are heading toward. Considering to where you are now and your final destination, is that the speed that you want? If not adjust it. Once you have all these factors into your vision, your path toward success is clear.

23 June, 2019

How to Quit Your Job and Make Money Online: 3 Things You Must Know

Working from home is not easy for sure but it can be done. When there is a will, there is a way.

Believe in yourselves no matter what, don't ever give up! If you want to give up, why start in the first place?

You will not get rich quick overnight for sure. Instead. it will be a tough road, a long and lonely road at times, but with patience and persistence, you will see the end of tunnel and the light shine bright there, its only temporary, push through it!

In the video, Nathan shares 3 aspects:

They are

#1. You need to learn marketing skill set.
Learning marketing is the key to grow an internet business.
E.g. driving traffic to your business, generate leads, converting sales.

#2. Learn how to sell.
Internet businesses get most of their money through sales. For people who hates being sold, the concept of selling, this is a mindset change. You need to tweak and enjoy the process of buying so that you are able to sell the product. Become a buyer will help you have a new perspective of selling business.

#3. Consistency.
Consistency is the key factor in succeeding in internet business. No matter what you do, just stay consistent and persistence and you will definitely see result eventually.

22 June, 2019

This App DOUBLED My Productivity

By working from home, it's not bed of roses. There are many things you need to handle right from your personal life, family, kids, work related matters. If you are not disciplined, or easily distracted, most of your so called "Daily tasks" will not be done completely or fulfilled.

In this video, Gillian share a time-tracking app called "toggl" to assist the daily task and increase your productivity. In "toggl" you can have a view for the past few weeks on what you were doing and refine it, thereby creating a trend itself.

Another benefit of using an app to track what you are doing is to give you an objective view of how much time you spend on working. It makes you more focus and don't work whole day long due to interruptions in between work.

It also gives you a much more clarity of the amount of work you've put in instead of overwhelming with work or work related matters.

With the help of the time tracking app, you will find the work accomplishment for the week will be more and much more relaxing which in a way increase productivity.

21 June, 2019

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: FREE Method

For people who choose to work from home and choose the path of affiliate marketing, this video is a must watch for beginner.

You can start with

#1. Amazon Associate

Caveat: You need to have a website to set this up. The commission rates are generally low ( The most is 10% for some categories), but they are easier to sell and most people trust Amazon's brand so in a way you can earn much.

#2. Web Hosting Platform: Bluehost

Wordpress has two types. (Free but you cannot customize at times, you have to take literally of what is provided, just like blogger). The other one is which you are able to download and have full control of the stuff in the website. You can Google the different between vs
Long story short, bluehost is the most highly recommended hosting platform for It covers from providing the domain, SSL security, setting up of and 24/7 support. A all-in-one package to save the hassle.

#3. ClickFunnels

Basically ClickFunnels give everything you need to begin with, right from marketing, selling, and deliver your products and services online.

20 June, 2019

My Lead Gen Secret - providing 100 quality leads for a $1

We all know that, regardless of what type of business you are in or promoting, we need traffic. Traffic = leads = sales = money earned.

That is why we have people promoting products in YouTube, Blogs, Social Medias, Traffic Exchanges etc. to attract viewers that potentially turn into leads.

For people who blogs, lead captured page is promoted. Once people who are interested, they will sign up with their name and email address and the sellers will collect a list.

All these take time and patience to build up.

That is why people who able to invest with a little money will buy leads to short cut the path and save the hassle of waiting and effort to create lead capture page.

But sadly, most leads are expensive and low quality. People hardly trust them now.

However, don't lose hope easily, there are still some good one out there.

One of which is "My Lead Gen Secret".

They provide quality 100 leads for $1 daily, which is 3000 leads for $30 monthly. If you promote "My Lead Gen Secret" and someone join under you, then you will get 200 leads for $1 daily instead. These leads are collected from internet marketers who constantly looking for opportunities to make money online. They have good review so far and many people who join make money within few days.

CLICK HERE to watch the video and decide.

CLICK HERE to watch videos on testimonial.

18 June, 2019


People who wants to earn PASSIVE INCOME ONLINE, then you need to watch this video. Disclaimer : PASSIVE INCOME do take active work, especially just starting out. It's not easy at first to build up the foundation but once it's cruising mode, things will get easier and easier. So anyone who tries to tell you that you no need to do anything at all is all BS.

#1. Software.
E.g. promoting email marketing software, funnel builder, hosting service

#2. Ad Revenue.
Just from YouTube alone.

#3. Membership.
Affiliate of a membership site.

#4. Courses/Events.
You can set up courses or join as an affiliate to promote it and earn a commission from it if there is a sale.

17 June, 2019

How To Earn Money On YouTube: 7 Tips For Beginners

There are 7 tips to earn money in YouTube.

Tip #1. Choose a channel name.
Usually beginners get confuse of what name to choose, so the easiest is to choose you name as a start. As time goes by when you are more familiar and comfortable, you can change it to name you like.

Tip #2. Pick a niche.
If you are doing it for business, it's better to choose one that your business can revolve around to attract more audience instead of jumping around.

Tip #3. Post on a regular basis.
When you just started out, it's good to post your video often so that it has more content. YouTube like it as the frequencies of exposure is great so there will be a high chance that YouTube will recommend it by the side for more views.

Tip #4. Engage with your audience.
Beside a search engine, YouTube is also a social media platform. When they start to comment after watching your video, and you engage with them, they usually remember that and come back to watch more videos. Also, this engagement will grow your viewers pool.

Tip #5. Enable monetization.
(eligible only after 4,000 hrs of watch time and with 1,000 subscribers from Google adsense)
Don't forget, you can earn money and get paid just by publishing videos. Once you enabled monetization and meet the requirement, YouTube will place ads in your videos and you will earn from it as commission.

Tip #6. Sell merchandise
You can sell merchandise straight right from Teespring. The catch is you need to be a YouTube partner and have 15,000 cumulative views for the last 90 days in order to qualify.

Tip #7. Sell products
In the description of your video, e.g. "XXXXX review". Create a digital product, give your personal views, give contents and mostly affiliate product. Or you can do affiliate tech product on Amazon like cameras, smartphones, headphones etc.

16 June, 2019

Start an Online Business - Cash flow Is King

Have you ever heard that CASH IS KING?

To start an online business, it's not necessary to invest in money. E.g. you start a YouTube video and promote Clickbanks product as an affiliate. However, its good to invest a small amount money that you can afford to enrich yourself so that you are able to expedite or shorten the process of making money online in the competitive world nowadays. You don'y get immediate result for your return of investment so to speak. You will still need to pay recursively monthly. That is why cash flow is king here.

Also, another key is to take action and be patience. If you just plain investing without taking any action and just sit right there, sadly nothing going to happen and you still earn nothing at all.

In the video, Nathan also advise not to quit the day job immediately so that there will be a constant cash flow coming in to sustain your goal of making money online.

15 June, 2019

How to Make YouTube Custom Thumbnails (5-minute Tutorial)

You can create custom thumbnails to represent your YouTube videos. Most of the time people will depend on the thumbnails you put up to watch the videos or not. In this video, Gillian shared a few points

#1. Thumbnails have to be in the size of 1280 X 720 pixels

#2 You can create the thumbnails by Canva or Photoshop. Watch the video on to use Canva and Photoshop.

#3. After you have completed your thumbnail, export the file to .png format and save it to your drive before upload to YouTube.

14 June, 2019

2 FREE Apps to Make $100 In FREE Bitcoin Money (I Made Over $120)

Two apps that you can make some money, you can choose either cash or bitcoin.

#1. FeaturePoints
FeaturePoints is an app that will reward you for downloading and trying out free apps. You will be paid in points, which you can redeem for other rewards. ... The points you earn will vary per app and the task you need to complete. Once you have enough, you can exchange your points for rewards, like gift cards or cash.

#2. YouTube
You can create a video to promote this FeaturePoints apps and put your link to attract people to join under you.

There trick is here. Instead of sitting there doing online tasks like surveys for hours, why not choose an easy way is to share out the apps to people. When people sign up under you, you get compensated with points too. So use it wisely. Once the video is done, it become passive and even while you asleep.

13 June, 2019

The Best Places To Close A Sale

Closing high tickets take skills for sure. By choosing a good place to close it is an good idea because the client usually let their guard down and it's easier to approach.

#1. Over the phone.
One of the best place to close the sales is through the phone. People are more at ease. Although sometimes the client will request to meet face to face over lunch, but if can be done over the phone, why not?

#2. In your own environment.
When you are at your own environment, you are more at ease and you will not emotionally attached to the sales if you were to be at client's place. let the client come to you instead of you going to them so you are more comfortable. Remember: When you go them, you are the salesperson, when they come to you, you are the expert.

#3. In a high end environment.
When you choose to meet your potential client, it's easy to close more sales at high end environment. For example, don't choose MacDonald, KFC, fast food chain etc. Instead, meet your client perhaps in a hotel lobby that you may have a higher chance to close the sales even you have no money. This give people the impression that you are more professional and sharp.

12 June, 2019

How To Make $150 Per DAY Just By Talking Out Of Your Mouth (Easy)

Selling valuable content in exchange for money.

TextBroker. However, this is ONLY opened to U.S citizen. If you are from international outside of US, click here.

This idea is very simple. Type in text content and sell it to big companies which is looking for relevant content in exchange for money. This website has to incorporate with another apps (Google Doc>Tools>Voice, voice typing) which convert voice to text, so that it will be faster than typing in.

You can then copy and paste over to "WordCounter" to check how many words were "typed in".

11 June, 2019

How to Add a Custom Thumbnail to YouTube Videos 2019 - Beginners Tutorial

If you are new and not yet having 1000 subscribers yet, do watch this short video on how to add custom thumbnail to your newly created YouTube video.

10 June, 2019

Passive Income Ideas: 4 Ways To Make Money While You SLEEP

#1. Start a YouTube channel.
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. So the traffic to it is enormous. If you have YouTube videos, chances are the likelihood of being search is very high. The ranking of the videos are high and they usually stay there for quite a long term. Companies who want to promote usually place their ads on videos with high ranking and viewers. As a result, you earn commission each time your video being viewed. That's how you make passive income.

#2. Blogging.
When someone has a question and not able to seek answer immediately, normally they will search through Google, correct? So if you have a blog that addressed and talked about the same issue, chances are you will get viewed. The ads that you posted in the blog will have high chance to be viewed too.

#3. Instagram
Instagram is still young but it is growing stronger each day. If you are consistent enough, you will build a brand for yourself and your followers will grow. A lot of famous people will then 'outsource' their Instagram account and let people to post on their behalf. As such you can promote or market stuff while you sleep.

#4. Affiliate Marketing.
You don't have to have your own product. All you need to do is to promote someone's product and when people buy it, the owner of the product will pay you commission for marketing his product.
If you able to provide helpful and valuable content other than the sales page created by the owner, the chances are high to make sales.

09 June, 2019

How to Make $1,767 Per DAY as a Broke Individual (Working 2019!)

Three things are mentioned in this video to reach $1,767 daily, of course with hustling and taking massive actions. Also, Nathan also stress to have acquired a high income skill which is marketing skill set.

#1. Learn how to drive targeted traffic
It is the skill set to drive traffic to an offer that you are promoting. It can be a blog, Instagram or YouTube channel and etc. Driving traffic is easy with practice. Moreover, if you are able to provide valuable content to the potential customers, you are able to resonate with them and ultimately gain the trust.

#2. Start collecting leads.
No matter what area you are in, you definitely need leads. Once you have leads, you can follow up with them. Normally people don't buy your product after 1st exposure, but you will have a better and higher chance to get customers after several followup down the road.

#3. You need to sell products.
Remember that, no sales means no income. If you want to create wealth, you need to have a better understanding of sales so that your mind set can revolving around it.

08 June, 2019

5 Tips for Starting an Online Business - Advice To Be Successful

Tip #1. Know your profit margins.
Before you start, just be practical to see the niche that you are fond of.

Is there a profit ceiling or unlimited? Because you just do not simply just to do it solely for your passion but still not able to provide a decent amount of income for your family right?

Tip #2. Do something that you care about.
It's kind of conflicting with point #1. However, try to find something that can both you are passionate about and also there is a potential to grow the income at the same time. Don't just jump right into an area just because of monetary attraction but you do not have the least bit of interest in it. In that way, you surely burn out and give up eventually.

Tip #3. Pick one platform to market your business.
There are many ways or areas to grow your business like YouTube, blogging, social media an etc. But don't spread yourself too thin and all over the places. Focus in one area instead until you see result. If you spread yourself too thin, you will lose focus and the aim to achieve your goal will be more than 10X harder.

Tip #4. Understand that you will need to work hard.
You need to work your ass off initially and it's not easy by any means. No doubt everyone has his own speed to reach his goal. Some people may take a shorter time and majority of people will take a longer route to achieve one's goal. It's not a one size fit all thing but one thing for sure is, everybody need to hustle and take action.

Tip #5. Learn Marketing.
It's the skill to find people and drive them toward the product that you are promoting, converting them into your customers. So it is good to invest in yourselves to acquire the skill set by taking into courses to enrich yourself and grow the business as a marketer.

07 June, 2019

Do What You Love & The Money Follows - #1 Reason People Fail

In most area, if you are not passionate about and love what you are doing, your endurance will not last you long and burn out after several months/years. Eventually you will give up easily and fail for sure.

So before you jump into the bandwagon of entrepreneurship, ask yourself honestly, do you enjoy the process of growth or just attracted by the money only? Are you ready to put in massive of effort to achieve you dream goal? it's definitely not easy for sure. Do some research and determine for yourself are you ready that kind of lifestyle?

06 June, 2019

4 High Paying Jobs That ANYONE Can Do In 2019 (Over $100,000)

In this video, Nathan going to share 4 types of high paying jobs if you stick to it.

#1. Course Creator.
People are willing to pay money for courses to gain knowledge in many different area. There is an increasing trend that people are not going to formal school to gain knowledge. Instead they go online for knowledge.

#2. Be an Instagram influencer.
You don't need to be a celebrity to make post that can bring you huge amount of money. What you need to do is to learn marketing and grow your followers but all these takes time and you have to be patient.

#3. Become a YouTuber.
Once you meet the requirement from YouTube to place ads, the ads revenue become passive income. Even your older video, as long as there are followers and people watching, these ads will continue to churn ads revenue. Again, it takes time to grow your income.

#4 Become a blogger
For a blog, same as YouTube, you can write and create valuable content for the readers. So long as you attract reader to come back for more, Google will rank it higher to increase readership. Top-end bloggers earn around 6 figures monthly, so you can imagine the potential of it if you really provide values.

05 June, 2019

5 Steps to Become an INFLUENCER

What is an influencer? In marketing, it's defined as a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

So how to become one? In this video, Gillian shares the necessary 5 steps.

#1. Get clarity of who, what, how.
If you do not know your direction and target clearly and how to achieve it, people won't follow you. It's that simple.

#2. Create exceptional content.
Create interesting topic, engaging, quality and etc content to attract people to watch so they will follow you naturally.

#3. Collaborate with other influencers.
If you share similar ideas with others, perhaps you can direct some audience to them and they can do likewise so the audience pool will grow.

#4. Master your platform.
Just don't jump around. Be good in your area and stick around to the similar subject that you normally present and see others who present it and grow.

#5. Exercise the influence that you already have.
Don't wait till you reach certain number of audience, hone your influence skill along the way as it grow and you will be more influential. By doing that, the people who follow you earlier could already be 'influenced' and change for the better after watching your video.

04 June, 2019

How To Get Rich - The Psychology Of Belief

In this video, Nathan going to share how successful people think.

In the internet world, opportunity grows and lies everywhere. However, some people made it but mostly don't. Why is that so?

That is because successful has a very clear vision and certainty of what they want and work toward it.

There will be failures after failures for sure.

You need to believe in yourself  plus taking massive action to achieve your goal. Without taking action or given up after few failures will never bring you toward your goal. They are simply hope and wishes.

In whatever area, if you believe in area that you can do it, subconsciously, you are working toward it. With persistence too and never give up attitude, you will definitely, and eventually achieve your goal!

03 June, 2019

3 Most Profitable Online Business Ideas To Start In 2019

There are 3 profitable online business ideas to share.

#1. Solve people problem
When you help people, they will remember you once for the gratification , so the next time when your video appear and promote stuff, it's easier to catch attention and sell. People buy 'feeling', people don't buy 'product'.

#2. Develop a high income skill
People will always need more customers to create more sales. So if you learn marketing skill and good at it, you can earn a lot of money of doing it.

#3. Sell online education.
In order to learn high income skill, many people will join online courses to enrich themselves so that they can apply the skill set in marketing. If you are good in marketing, you can consider to create a online marketing course that attract people to join and indirectly create more sales.

02 June, 2019

I Tracked Every Minute of my Life For 7 Days... This is What Happened

It's important to use our time wisely even you are at home. You need to be very disciplined because there will surely be many distraction around. In this video, Gillian is sharing a few categories and perhaps you can tweak it to fit into your schedule by expanding the categories. This way you will be more conscious and take responsibility on the time spent instead of drifting around.
The categories are:

#1. Working
#2. Family
#3. Entertainment
#4. Cooking/Eating
#5. Personal Care
#6. House work
#7. Errands
#8. Socializing
#9. Exercising
#10. Sleep/Rest

01 June, 2019

8 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube In 2019

In this video, Nathan going to share 8 ways to grow more subscribers in YouTube. First thing first, you have to take massive action after you acquires the tips. It's no point to know them if ultimately you don't believe in yourself that they will work. It's all in the mindset.

Tip #1. Publish longer videos
Ideally longer than 10 minutes, the longer you can retain your customer, usually YouTube will rank the videos higher and share them more.

Tip #2. Use video cards (Strategically)
This technique is used to retain your customers so they will stay on your other channels.

Tip #3. Create videos proven to work.
Go to your niche. Select the 10 most popular videos and watch them to see what content they are providing, then use your own words, own style and unique way to re-create it.

Tip #4. Embed videos on you website.
This is a way to create more chance of viewership. Not just YouTube website alone but there is another alternative source to increase people to watch your video from your blog or website.

Tip #5. Share your video on
This is a site where people ask questions and seeks answers. It's very active. So if you have an answer to the question asked, you can put your video their to create viewership.

Tip #6. Use custom End screen.
There are few ways to create end screen but over here Nathan use shrinking of the video so that other video pops out and viewer can continue with other videos.

Tip #7. Give a Call To Action (CTA)
You have to remind viewer to click the thumbs up, bell notification or subscribe to the channel in the beginning and end of video or else they will easily forget about it after watching the video.

Tip #8. Just Be YOU.
You will get nervous initially. Be consistent and just be you, things will get better. The more YouTube video you create, the better you good at it and more confident. But don't try to be someone else. you are what you are. It is your uniqueness that attracts viewers. As long as you constantly provide value, you will get result.