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14 June, 2019

2 FREE Apps to Make $100 In FREE Bitcoin Money (I Made Over $120)

Two apps that you can make some money, you can choose either cash or bitcoin.

#1. FeaturePoints
FeaturePoints is an app that will reward you for downloading and trying out free apps. You will be paid in points, which you can redeem for other rewards. ... The points you earn will vary per app and the task you need to complete. Once you have enough, you can exchange your points for rewards, like gift cards or cash.

#2. YouTube
You can create a video to promote this FeaturePoints apps and put your link to attract people to join under you.

There trick is here. Instead of sitting there doing online tasks like surveys for hours, why not choose an easy way is to share out the apps to people. When people sign up under you, you get compensated with points too. So use it wisely. Once the video is done, it become passive and even while you asleep.

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