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01 June, 2019

8 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube In 2019

In this video, Nathan going to share 8 ways to grow more subscribers in YouTube. First thing first, you have to take massive action after you acquires the tips. It's no point to know them if ultimately you don't believe in yourself that they will work. It's all in the mindset.

Tip #1. Publish longer videos
Ideally longer than 10 minutes, the longer you can retain your customer, usually YouTube will rank the videos higher and share them more.

Tip #2. Use video cards (Strategically)
This technique is used to retain your customers so they will stay on your other channels.

Tip #3. Create videos proven to work.
Go to your niche. Select the 10 most popular videos and watch them to see what content they are providing, then use your own words, own style and unique way to re-create it.

Tip #4. Embed videos on you website.
This is a way to create more chance of viewership. Not just YouTube website alone but there is another alternative source to increase people to watch your video from your blog or website.

Tip #5. Share your video on
This is a site where people ask questions and seeks answers. It's very active. So if you have an answer to the question asked, you can put your video their to create viewership.

Tip #6. Use custom End screen.
There are few ways to create end screen but over here Nathan use shrinking of the video so that other video pops out and viewer can continue with other videos.

Tip #7. Give a Call To Action (CTA)
You have to remind viewer to click the thumbs up, bell notification or subscribe to the channel in the beginning and end of video or else they will easily forget about it after watching the video.

Tip #8. Just Be YOU.
You will get nervous initially. Be consistent and just be you, things will get better. The more YouTube video you create, the better you good at it and more confident. But don't try to be someone else. you are what you are. It is your uniqueness that attracts viewers. As long as you constantly provide value, you will get result.

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