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17 June, 2019

How To Earn Money On YouTube: 7 Tips For Beginners

There are 7 tips to earn money in YouTube.

Tip #1. Choose a channel name.
Usually beginners get confuse of what name to choose, so the easiest is to choose you name as a start. As time goes by when you are more familiar and comfortable, you can change it to name you like.

Tip #2. Pick a niche.
If you are doing it for business, it's better to choose one that your business can revolve around to attract more audience instead of jumping around.

Tip #3. Post on a regular basis.
When you just started out, it's good to post your video often so that it has more content. YouTube like it as the frequencies of exposure is great so there will be a high chance that YouTube will recommend it by the side for more views.

Tip #4. Engage with your audience.
Beside a search engine, YouTube is also a social media platform. When they start to comment after watching your video, and you engage with them, they usually remember that and come back to watch more videos. Also, this engagement will grow your viewers pool.

Tip #5. Enable monetization.
(eligible only after 4,000 hrs of watch time and with 1,000 subscribers from Google adsense)
Don't forget, you can earn money and get paid just by publishing videos. Once you enabled monetization and meet the requirement, YouTube will place ads in your videos and you will earn from it as commission.

Tip #6. Sell merchandise
You can sell merchandise straight right from Teespring. The catch is you need to be a YouTube partner and have 15,000 cumulative views for the last 90 days in order to qualify.

Tip #7. Sell products
In the description of your video, e.g. "XXXXX review". Create a digital product, give your personal views, give contents and mostly affiliate product. Or you can do affiliate tech product on Amazon like cameras, smartphones, headphones etc.

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