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09 June, 2019

How to Make $1,767 Per DAY as a Broke Individual (Working 2019!)

Three things are mentioned in this video to reach $1,767 daily, of course with hustling and taking massive actions. Also, Nathan also stress to have acquired a high income skill which is marketing skill set.

#1. Learn how to drive targeted traffic
It is the skill set to drive traffic to an offer that you are promoting. It can be a blog, Instagram or YouTube channel and etc. Driving traffic is easy with practice. Moreover, if you are able to provide valuable content to the potential customers, you are able to resonate with them and ultimately gain the trust.

#2. Start collecting leads.
No matter what area you are in, you definitely need leads. Once you have leads, you can follow up with them. Normally people don't buy your product after 1st exposure, but you will have a better and higher chance to get customers after several followup down the road.

#3. You need to sell products.
Remember that, no sales means no income. If you want to create wealth, you need to have a better understanding of sales so that your mind set can revolving around it.

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