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10 June, 2019

Passive Income Ideas: 4 Ways To Make Money While You SLEEP

#1. Start a YouTube channel.
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. So the traffic to it is enormous. If you have YouTube videos, chances are the likelihood of being search is very high. The ranking of the videos are high and they usually stay there for quite a long term. Companies who want to promote usually place their ads on videos with high ranking and viewers. As a result, you earn commission each time your video being viewed. That's how you make passive income.

#2. Blogging.
When someone has a question and not able to seek answer immediately, normally they will search through Google, correct? So if you have a blog that addressed and talked about the same issue, chances are you will get viewed. The ads that you posted in the blog will have high chance to be viewed too.

#3. Instagram
Instagram is still young but it is growing stronger each day. If you are consistent enough, you will build a brand for yourself and your followers will grow. A lot of famous people will then 'outsource' their Instagram account and let people to post on their behalf. As such you can promote or market stuff while you sleep.

#4. Affiliate Marketing.
You don't have to have your own product. All you need to do is to promote someone's product and when people buy it, the owner of the product will pay you commission for marketing his product.
If you able to provide helpful and valuable content other than the sales page created by the owner, the chances are high to make sales.

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