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16 June, 2019

Start an Online Business - Cash flow Is King

Have you ever heard that CASH IS KING?

To start an online business, it's not necessary to invest in money. E.g. you start a YouTube video and promote Clickbanks product as an affiliate. However, its good to invest a small amount money that you can afford to enrich yourself so that you are able to expedite or shorten the process of making money online in the competitive world nowadays. You don'y get immediate result for your return of investment so to speak. You will still need to pay recursively monthly. That is why cash flow is king here.

Also, another key is to take action and be patience. If you just plain investing without taking any action and just sit right there, sadly nothing going to happen and you still earn nothing at all.

In the video, Nathan also advise not to quit the day job immediately so that there will be a constant cash flow coming in to sustain your goal of making money online.

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