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13 June, 2019

The Best Places To Close A Sale

Closing high tickets take skills for sure. By choosing a good place to close it is an good idea because the client usually let their guard down and it's easier to approach.

#1. Over the phone.
One of the best place to close the sales is through the phone. People are more at ease. Although sometimes the client will request to meet face to face over lunch, but if can be done over the phone, why not?

#2. In your own environment.
When you are at your own environment, you are more at ease and you will not emotionally attached to the sales if you were to be at client's place. let the client come to you instead of you going to them so you are more comfortable. Remember: When you go them, you are the salesperson, when they come to you, you are the expert.

#3. In a high end environment.
When you choose to meet your potential client, it's easy to close more sales at high end environment. For example, don't choose MacDonald, KFC, fast food chain etc. Instead, meet your client perhaps in a hotel lobby that you may have a higher chance to close the sales even you have no money. This give people the impression that you are more professional and sharp.

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