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22 June, 2019

This App DOUBLED My Productivity

By working from home, it's not bed of roses. There are many things you need to handle right from your personal life, family, kids, work related matters. If you are not disciplined, or easily distracted, most of your so called "Daily tasks" will not be done completely or fulfilled.

In this video, Gillian share a time-tracking app called "toggl" to assist the daily task and increase your productivity. In "toggl" you can have a view for the past few weeks on what you were doing and refine it, thereby creating a trend itself.

Another benefit of using an app to track what you are doing is to give you an objective view of how much time you spend on working. It makes you more focus and don't work whole day long due to interruptions in between work.

It also gives you a much more clarity of the amount of work you've put in instead of overwhelming with work or work related matters.

With the help of the time tracking app, you will find the work accomplishment for the week will be more and much more relaxing which in a way increase productivity.

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