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04 July, 2019

4 Ways I ACTUALLY Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online. Some may take more time and yield lessor earning than others. In this video, Gillian shares the most earnings with lessor time spent.

#1. YouTube Revenue
Mostly from Advertisement revenue. When someone click on the ad and purchase the product, you will get a portion of the commission.

#2. Digital Courses
Create educational content such as videos, PDF that people can buy online and educate themselves.
The price range can be from $100 - $1000. and the total earning depends on how frequent you promote the courses. If you do it frequently and keep them active, of course you will earn more relatively.

#3. Membership Program
You can start a program such as mentor-ship where experience marketers able to share their experience and guide the new members who need guidance along the way. As such you can charge a monthly membership fee.

#4. Affiliate marketing
You don't have to come out the cost, or sales content or anything. All you need to do is to help promoting the product and if there is a sales of the item you promote through your affiliate link, you will then get a cut of the sales and commission earned. It's that simple.

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