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08 July, 2019

My First $1,000,000 - The Millionaire Mindset

Money is still money. It's the mindset that counts!

So many people who are afraid to take risk to achieve a better one. They are comfortable with their present moment in life and unwilling to change to a even greater one ahead. Many people have dream but not big enough and most people died with their dream without fulfillment.

You have to believe in yourself if you decided to make a change for the better. The millionaire mindset is in you! Nobody can motivate you except yourself! You need to take the plunge, you need to take risk and don't be scare and never give up when there is no immediate result shown. Push on, the final good result will be there, just like growing an apple tree from seed. You will taste the fruit's sweetness eventually!

So after this video, go to the mirror and ask yourself and ask yourself : are you doing everything you can to become better?

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