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Tips to avoid Work from Home Scams

1.       Try to close the web page window

This page shares on how to avoid scams. When the web page launched, the first thing to do is to try and close it. When you are trying to leave, a separate dialog box will appear to you and prompt “Are You Sure You Want to Leave This Page”, "HOLD ON - Get the FULL TIPS for free!", “Wait, Before You Go”, or something similar like below


They are likely to be a SCAM or program that not sustainable! leave the page immediately! The scam marketers usually use this technique to offer you a lower price for the product they are marketing. Since they can’t get you to pay full price for the product, they want to see by lowering the price will further entice you to buy their product or service from them. Many people fall for this trap and buy it! However that's not true for products that are legitimate and offer good quality. They are unable to further lower the price for quality product. As such, that will be their final price.

Take for an example. If you are buying a mobile phone, will you hop into a mobile phone shop and ask the salesperson to give you a 30% discount of the stated price of the phone model you choose from? Most likely the transaction is call-off and the salesperson will ask you politely to find another phone shop that offer 30% off on the same phone model!
So, the bottom line is : good quality stuff normally don't offer discount.

2.        Company background/history check

Normally companies that stay long enough (e.g. over many years) are less likely to be scam. Ask yourself, if it’s a ‘fly by night’ or scam company, would it last?

3.       Be prudent

Ask the company where are the support when you need one and how often are you paid. Ask what mode of payment (e.g. PayPal). If things are too good to be true (e.g. guaranteed you rich fast or overnight), usually it is!

4.       Company review

Be patient, type in the company name for review in the search engine. But remember. Take the advice given in the internet with a pinch of salt because many users use the product differently at different stage which therefore gives different views. The review may sway your perception but the ultimate decision is still yours. Usually seek forum's feedback than individual one because they normally have hidden agenda, e.g. By be-littering other program, website URL as scam and promote theirs instead at the end.

5.       Scam-X free logo

Check for Scam-X free logo if available. In order to achieve Scam-X free. Web site owners have to do this. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. (

6.       Money back guarantee

Normally a legitimate company will provide money back guarantee scheme after number of days of consumption if you are not satisfied with their product. At least you get back the money and at most a little of your precious time wasted. Take it as a learning curve.

7.       Avoid ‘Start Up’ fee.

This statement is mostly true. It also depends on what nature of "Work from Home" task that you are choosing. For example, if you choose to do surveys, they don't require you to pay. Instead they need to pay you accordingly. However, if you choose to join program type, some legitimate companies do charge you a small token amount of admin fee. Well, that’s because they have to employ support staff, to source out tutorials and tools to guide you through. No free lunch in this world. They need money to operate the company.

You may or may not succeed in ‘Work from Home’ scheme. For those who failed, you may have given up half way when you don't see immediate result and blamed the program for not being effective at all and you are scammed. But, well, at least you gain some knowledge and have a taste of what ‘Work from Home’ is about right? Let's be fair. Put it this way, do you pay school fee when you attend school and do they guarantee you that you will pass the examination? If you fail, are they scamming you too? Think about it.

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