4 ways to be successful in Affiliate Marketing

When I first started to work from home online as a stay at home dad several years back, I was absolutely knew nothing at all. I constantly fear that I can whether really make a living online, especially in this uncharted water that I TOTALLY UNFAMILIAR OF!

However, I do hear many successful stories of individual who made it after some hustling effort and become financial free with a long term perspective. So I decided to take the risk and take the plunge, with many doubtful comments given to me by friends and family of course.

I began to surf the web for "Work from Home opportunities" but unfortunately there are many scam sites around to cheat you money with no real materials provided. Somehow I bumped into "my-data-team" (aka "Global-Data-Entry" or "My-Data-Team" at that time). "One man's meat is another's poison", to each his own. Some reviews feedback say it's a scam company too but anyway I follow it closely and almost read through every details.

That is how I got a general overview, connections to recommended websites etc. and many "Work from Home" job types. As a complete newbie myself in the work from home industry, I immediately jump-start with their knowledge and shorten my learning curve time. I do appreciate it.

In the program, I was introduced "Affiliate Marketing" as one of the job types and "ClickBank" is one of reputable "administrative account" and newbie beginners friendly.

In it, there is a page that advice affiliate marketers want-to-be to be successful. I do not want to re-invent the wheels here as most of the advice and videos given are deemed useful.

Basically, there are 4 general points to follow:

Step 1: Choose Your Niche
Step 2: Build Your Platform
Step 3: Grow Your Audience
Step 4: Promote Products

Here is the link to the site, all the best! https://support.clickbank.com/entries/23062206-4-Steps-to-Affiliate-Success 

Oh yah, last but not least, the keywords to remember: CONSISTENCY, PATIENCE and TAKE ACTION !

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