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My name is Terence and I’m a local breed Singaporean Asian father of two young schooling kids. 

I like adventure stuffs and be financially free (Still working on it, :p) so I can travel round the world. 

You can call me "Jack of all trade, But master of none". lol

Why I say that? Because I was a private pilot, I tried parachuting, I had 20+ years of motorcycling experiences, I tried power-pleasure-craft and a padi certified advance scuba diver.

See! All these are outdoor activities.

But, unfortunately, because of the usual rat race, I started as a programmer / systems analyst in a indoor deskbound job and slowly climbing my way in the corporate world ladder to be an IT Manager in a local Tel-co. company. 

In the past 16+ corporate working years, I simply live my life from paycheck to paycheck, month after month by licking bosses’ asses, playing office politics and appear in bosses’ good books in the competitive rat race. I's disgusted to be honest!

In 2011, I had enough and I hate what I was doing and it’s like a zombie going to work with no soul. Also, I hate working for others, so I eventually took the plunge and venture into the ‘work from home’ route, to achieve financial freedom and be my own boss!

Unfortunately, it was not a smooth path. It was a rough ride for me. All my past experiences in I.T. line were not applicable at all. All I know are some programming languages and exposure to OS servers. There is no relation to Internet Marketing stuff at all. It was a total complete different industry that I'm in! I was a complete newbie and I had to start from scratch! I was like a headless chicken running about, banging on walls from time to time. There were many scam sites out there that promise the sky but never work. 

I had to piece out the picture of internet world of earning online one by one like a jig-saw. How I wish I could have a road-map then to guide me through but there is NONE! I learnt from school of hard knocks without any mentor guiding me in the journey toward success.

I started off with doing some simple ad hoc data entry online job but due to my naive, impatience, “get-rich-quick” and shiny object syndrome nature, I hopped from one trade to another without any success. That is what people call “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I tried several make money online stuff like Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Dropshipping, Network Marketing, Cyclers, Revenue Sharing and HYIPs (high yield investment program) but none works. Reasons are either being scammed or never stay for long to let it grows and expect to see result immediately.

After one big loop, I still fall back to where I started. Although time is wasted, but precious lessons learnt, (Just to console myself, although I still struggling, but I pride myself now to have some experience in many areas of Internet Marketing now. Anyway you do pay school fees and time for school lessons and 'Experience' is what youth cannot buy right?…lol)

What I have learnt is : 

1) You NEVER GIVE-UP when you don’t see immediate result. You will SURELY FAIL MANY TIMES BEFORE SUCCESS! So FAIL FORWARD!

2) BE FOCUS!. Try not to jump to the next shiny object.


4) BE PATIENCE!, its like growing an apple tree from seed level. You still need to water the plant until it grows into a healthy blossom tree that bears fruits. IT TAKES TIME AND EFFORT.

5) SELF-DISCIPLINE! You do it for yourself, regardless there is people watching at you or not.

6) There is NO GET-RICH-QUICK system and NO FREE LUNCH in this world. If there is, everyone on the street will be a millionaire and no beggars already if that was easy. Agree? So, if you want to be successful, you still need to work for it. You sow what you reap!

7) For any investment, it surely will have some risk involved, so only spend money that you can afford to lose. DO NOT SPEND rent money, meal allowances and etc, hoping you can make a fortune back.

The only reason for me to create this blog is to share my past experience that I had encountered before to shorten the learning curve, so as to benefit to all beginners who want to start their journey working from home and earn a decent living and eventually achieve their financial freedom dream.


  1. Good job Terence! I commend you for your courageous act of giving a middle finger to the rat race. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Chad for the comment. I guess most people still succumb to the rat race is because they find it hard to resist their comfort zone right now.

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