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Are you heading in the right direction in Network Marketing?

No matter how long you've spent in MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) industry, whether it's 5 years or 10 years, but as long as you are in the wrong direction, it will cost you time, money and effort wasted, agree? Just like a headless chicken banging on walls with no or low results.

I have spoken to several people and they always claimed they have more years in MLM industry and trying to intimidate the opposite party as a more "experience" marketer. However, when you follow up with a question like "How well do you performed since you've X number of years in this industry?" Usually, there would be a very long delay in time to response to the question asked, or they tried to avoid it by beating around the bush.

Anyway, there are many dissatisfied marketers out there who are still struggling. Majority of them fail within a short span of their online network marketing timeline for many reasons such as they are impatient and expect to get rich quick or clueless in marketing skill, etc. Once they see no immediate result, they quit.

That is why you need to choose a product wisely and do some research before you join them. Just some tips to share.

1) Try not to go for free stuff. The company sustainability is an issue.

Ask yourself, if it's free, who is going to pay the support staff for the company? Is it out from the company owners' pocket?

2) Don't join blindly from your friend's recommendation or due to a herd instinct.

Do your own review in Googles, YouTube and etc.

Find their global ranking for popularity, background history and etc.

Find the company's compensation plan.

Is the company a legitimate MLM or just a pyramid scheme?

3) Don't rush to join eagerly. Ask sensible questions and ask the sponsor what type of training provided to you if you were to join and how to make money.

4) Don't expect to get rich quick. Give it time to grow. If you put in the hard work, the result will come. If fail, try again and again until you become successful. A lot of marketers fail because they are impatience. They expect to see an immediate result and if they don't, they quit literally!

5) Provide value to people and fellow marketers. Help them instead of pitching them about the product and close them eagerly. It won't get you far for sure! If you do it consistently and persistently, the result will come eventually!

6) Build relationship with people! Why is it called 'Network Marketing'? The purpose is to build trust with people and they are the asset to you.

Once you're in the program, it is good to stick to it instead of hopping around for other shiny objects as it will constantly appear when you chat with other marketers who are promoting their products. 

Treat it like your own business seriously.  Find a good mentor with proven record and follow the footstep and copy them closely, rather than re-inventing the wheels.

7) Lastly, choose a targeted audience to promote your products instead of mass audience so time is not wasted in getting 'pitched'. Also, it will get a better 'hit' rate for sure.

 Above are some pointers shared and if everything goes well, you'll be on the right track. Thanks for reading!

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