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Are you a network marketing product 'Orphan'?


Were you confused and directionless when you first join a MLM product as a newbie?

Nobody cares and guide you along. Don't worry, you are not alone. When I first started, I was totally CLUELESS! This was how I felt initially when I was introduced to online network marketing with a product I signed up with. I felt so cold and left alone to do my network marketing business without any guidance at all. I felt like an 'Orphan'.

I only received a one line sentence from my sponsor : "Go to your friends and family members to market your product" that's all. I was not even guided to orientate myself in the back office! I had to explore them myself, bit by bit, through trial and errors.

I don't even expect people to hand hold me but at least guide me to the correct direction right? Precious time was wasted due to trying out blindly. I was like a headless chicken, running around, knocking on walls, so to speak!

Naturally I did not stay there for long. I'm not saying the product was bad but all I felt were loneliness, cold and nobody cares or give a damn. I quit after a few weeks of course.

I carried this bad experience with me for a few months and most marketers I chatted with in the Facebook also suffered the same fate as me, which further tarnish my impression towards MLM products.

However when I chatted with this lady for a few times in Facebook about network marketing, my perception on it start to change. She looks genuine and caring. I shared with her my concern about MLM and she assured me those things I met in the past will never happen again in the program that she's in.

On the contrary the community there is full of fun loving and caring people from all walks of life. She told me to hop in and experience it myself. If it doesn't suit me, I can quit any time and at most I only wasted a month of subscription (which is very low cost) as lesson learnt.

I took 1-2 days to think through and I felt that I have nothing to lose except gains. At the most I wasted the small token sum as lesson paid and learnt.

But if the small investment is worth it, the reward will be tremendous! Finally I decided to take the plunge and the leap of faith and surprisingly I'm was there for a long period of time! (I signed up in late November 2013!).

Money aside, it's the warmth, fun loving, helpful and selfless community that held me back! We constantly motivate each other to move forward, share tips and knowledge in post and groups practically everyday!

From the below image, you can even see the co-founder interact with members everyday without fail.


This image below is when the community give a warm 'Welcome' to newbie who just sign

Normally co-founders doesn't mingle around with the down-lines, they gave people the impression that they are cold and unreachable. But over here one can see that the co-founder interacted with one of our team member!


This is the image where the member in the community helping each other up, by acting as the support given to the newbie and by sharing of experience.


Sometimes it just not about making money. Yes I totally agree with you that making money is important, else I wouldn't be in this wonderful program :). However, it's the journey that we enjoy along the way with it and not the product that will leave you alone for sure.

There are many products out there in helping individual to make money but are they as warm, cohesive and helpful?


  1. I am seeking for a great MLM company to work for. One with a good payment plan. Can you help me by directing me to at least one company coz I love networking but I luck a good company

  2. I am seeking for a great MLM company to work for. One with a good payment plan. Can you help me by directing me to at least one company coz I love networking but I luck a good company

  3. Hello Victor, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm no longer in any MLM now because I hardly at desk now, so programs that either need to recruit people, selling, focusing, pay monthly fee no longer entice me now. I'm right now in a advertising and revenue sharing program called Traffic Monsoon.
    It is not a MLM nor an investment program. It is more like a traffic exchange incorporated with revenue share in nature. It is the #1 Traffic Exchange in the world right now.

    Have you heard of Traffic Exchange like Clixsense, Neobux, Easyhits4u, etc? If you have a business, it's basically a platform for you to buy credits and advertise you business banner to gain more exposure and more traffic. Remember more traffic = more sales = more earnings.

    Traffic Monsoon does 2 things, namely:
    1) Provide a more effective traffic so you can choose to geo-target a certain group of audiences to gain more awareness.
    2) Since you buy credit or advertising packages, in addition, you are able to enjoy revenue sharing at the same time hourly and effortlessly just by clicking 50 ads of 5 sec each daily that's all. Literally earn while you are away or asleep, no need to spend time talking to people and recruiting them, also there is no monthly fee and free to join. Nothing to lose. You only start to earn when you click on cash links or buy advertising packages (adpacks).

    By the way, this is not a get-rich-quick or ponzi pyramid scheme. This is a real and life changing business and many members have done it. It has 3.5+ millions members worldwide as of date. If you do a review in Google, some will review it good and some will call in a scam sadly because they either touch on the surface without go deep into it or just to belittle other programs and make themselves famous with selfish motives. Anyway you can choose not to believe either, just my 2 cents worth of opinion that's all.

    If you are open, interested and keen to find out more, you can watch this short video and sign up free by clicking on the orange 'Click for more INFO!' button,

    This is the 1st anniversary celebration video and you can watch the members testimonial remarks at 23rd minutes

    Best of luck to your work from home journey ya, feel free to contact me in Facebook if you have further doubts that need assistance :)

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