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Be an educator, not a hunter in network marketing!


I can still remember in the past when people mentioned to me about the word "MLM", I felt very disgusted and straight away link it to a pyramid scheme. My mind would naturally half shut, instead of listening with an open mind on what has changed over the past years.

Many had been scammed and had bad experience before and I'm one of those who suffered the same fate.

This is because I had the common mindset of getting rich quick and the unscrupulous marketers prey on this weakness of human's greed! These "BAD EGGS" tarnish the market and continuing doing so until today! They usually paint with nice pictures of big houses, luxurious cars jets and yachts, etc.

However, that does not mean there are no true "MLM" companies around. Yes, there are a few brick and mortar network marketing companies around the world. For examples, just name a few,  Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca, Nuskin, Avon, etc. Usually these companies are not only helping people to make money through commissions but also providing values in terms of physical products.

But as time goes by, there are more digital "MLM" emerging in this digital world that provide digital products. So our mindset need to adapt accordingly.

As I had no experience in network marketing at all and started as a newbie like anyone else, all I want is just to earn some residual income by working from home and spend more quality time with my family. This is pretty straight forward isn't it?

How I got a bad impression on "MLM" was when I started out and joined an MLM company with an email invitation out of nowhere. There was no training given after I joined. All I had was a one line statement: "GO AND RECRUIT YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS". my sponsor was so cold and unapproachable. I even needed to figure out by myself on how to navigate in the back office! Needless to say, I gave up after a few weeks.

With the bad "MLM" experience, few weeks later, someone whom I chatted with in Facebook introduced me to another "MLM". I told myself : "OMG, NOT again!"

This person kept in touch with me consistently for few weeks and provided me with company info along the way. I also did my own homework by reading reviews, digging out the company backgrounds etc and and majority having good feedback.

After much convincing, I joined eventually and took the plunge. But honestly I was still quite skeptical about it.

But the moment I joined, I found that it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the usual "MLM" companies! Apart of making money online. First thing that captured my attention is the warmth of the community. The people there are fun loving, selfless and helpful. They motivate each other daily basically (Even if you feel like quitting ,you'll think twice because you are so called surrounded by positive thinking people!)

The second thing that catches my attention is that there are many training videos in the back office to teach you both in mindset and strategies on how to market your product effectively! These training videos are invaluable where many people have to spend thousands of dollars to learn skills on how to market your product well and you only pay a small amount to get it! It's a total reap off!

I compared the previous 1st "MLM" company vs 2nd"MLM" companies I joined. It's entirely a 180 degree change. I'm so thrilled! Ever since, I'm progressing everyday!

So, as you can see, the first "MLM" company is like a "HUNTER" nature where it preys on people whom come along its path. Whereas the 2nd "MLM" is like an "EDUCATOR" where it helps to change people lifestyle and mindset of network marketing.

Remember, our role as a network marketer is to introduce prospect to open up and understand the product that you are promoting, let them decide and not to convince them.

Think of McDonald and KFC, they don't chase after people to eat their burgers or chicken correct? We go to them instead. Even you visit other countries, you still patronize them. Why? Because you believe in them in terms of quality and branding!

So, don't give orders, just be patient, build trust and relation first, it will come eventually when time is right!

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