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Work from Home (WFH) Job Types

There are several work from home job types that can be categorized which I will list them out. 

However, if you need most of the legitimate, exhaustive and updated job lists, they mostly can be found in Data-Entry-Team package

Although one may argue that these job types can be found in the internet, but do you have the knowledge and time to hunt for it. Furthermore, are these jobs legitimate? Why not give who has already consolidated and compiled a list of legitimate one to save your agony of searching through with time, money and effort wasted? 

Ok, enough said, below are some of the types,

They are:-

1. Home Typing job (e.g. word processor, spreadsheet, etc)

2. Online Data Entry

3. Work-From-Home Data Entry

4. Taking Surveys

5. Virtual Assistant (Some companies need help in simple office task)

6. Audio Transcription (e.g. convert office meetings to text content)

7. Online Tutor (if you're good/expert in certain field)

8. Translation job (if you know more than one language and well versed in both spoken and written)

9. Mystery Shopping (Some companies require you to test out their products)

10. Freelance content Writer/Editor/Auditor

11. Call Center Jobs (e.g. customer care, telephone operators)

12. Website blogging

13. Dropshipping (Basically selling Amazon, eBay item without physically owned them)

14. Affiliate Marketing (Represent companies to promote their products and you earn commission)

15 Legitimate online Network Marketing (or multi level marketing, not ponzi pyramid scheme)

All the above job may/may not earn you quick cash as sometimes you need to wait for some job availability. If you do need some relative quick cash or you simply just want an income to replace your nine to five office job without thinking for long term, then you may approach online job portals to look for suitable jobs. They are free to sign up by the way, but again, these are international job portals and competitions are stiff, especially when you are new.

1) UpWork

2) Freelancer

3) Fiverr


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