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Does overpaid item means good?


Why do I say this? I read an article from a fellow member that people rather spend ten of thousands of dollar to buy a so called "Valued or secret Marketing Strategies" and not willing to spend a small amount of monthly investment on marketing product. This marketing product bundled with an invaluable, proven marketing videos course.

So does it mean that anything that pay through your nose with a hefty sum is good and anything which come in free or cheaper in price is taken for granted and deem useless?

Does overpaid item means good? Or is it the "GRASS' is always greener at the opposite end?

In the offline world, usually the goods or items that are sold in high price are high in quality because the cost price is already high so the seller have to mark the price in order to earn a profit.

However in the digital world, programs that are promoting online you have to treat them differently.
You need to be more diligent and dig out as much as possible of the information from all angles of the product you are going to buy. Unscrupulous sellers tend to prey and cheat on buyers' ignorant and increase the selling few times higher than the actual one to gain higher profit but offer with crap result quality instead.

To lower the risk of being cheated and not to spend on some additional cost, you can do the following:

1) Before you start joining a program or buy an online product, do some reviews.
You can start right by Google or YouTube it and read the product review from forum instead from individual because they usually have hidden agenda.

2) You can check the Alexa ranking for it's product popularity. Google will stay #1 and Facebook #2 and YouTube #3 in Alexa ranking. The reason is obvious right? POPULARITY!

3) You can compare to it's equivalent competitors price and the contents of offer to have an idea what should be the average price. If the price you are going to pay is way too high, then narrow down whether it it worth to pay that much. If you are comfortable to it, then go ahead with no regrets.

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