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Fake Leads vs. Real Leads

 How to differentiate FAKE leads vs. REAL Leads?

In general, we all know that the more leads you have means all the more sales you made and earn monies.

However if you are ordering traffic leads, do you have the basic knowledge?

I’m not a traffic leads expert either, but there are some general knowledge to share.

First thing first, not all traffic leads are bad but mostly they are.


1) Fake traffic leads vs Real Human traffic leads.

- Fake leads are not convertible at all.

- They are generated by bots and sold by unscrupulous sellers to make quick bucks, which is dirt cheap.

- Unlike Real Human leads, they are collected usually from opting in their names and email addresses in landing pages when they are interested in certain products. They are normally higher in price, but cheap and good real human, converting traffic leads are hard to find and come by.


2) Credit-Card READY versus NON-Credit-Card READY Human leads

- The chances of Credit-Card READY people are generally higher to convert as compared to Non-Credit-Card READY Human leads.

- These Credit-Card READY Human leads are normally from first world countries which are mostly wealthier.

- They are always ready and easily flip out their credit cards to buy online whenever they see some products that are promising. Some of them even buy things on impulse.

- Unlike those people from non-Credit Card countries, they are generally hesitant and skeptical.


3) Free organic leads versus paid traffic leads

Organic leads

Pros :

1) Leads are free.

For beginners who just started making money online, I understand, you are thrifty and prudent with every dollar you spent, hoping to make plenty of money with no money.

But the true fact is, you cannot make plenty of monies with no monies at all, may be ‘small’ wins here and there. 

2) The leads are organic

When you created an attractive landing pages to capture people’s name and email address, they are consider ‘opt-in’ and skewed to whatever product that you are promoting. Say you are promoting a recipes, you don’t expect a health-conscious reader to opt-in right?

Cons :

  1. Basically you exchange time for money. Unless you have a very attractive landing page to attract readers who are interested to find out more, or else it may take weeks, months or years to build up. Furthermore you need to be very patience and many people don’t have the time for doing that, they want to ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ and sadly, it will happens….
  2. Usually the amount of organic leads collected are very limited and you cannot send to many people.


Paid leads


  1. They are ‘fast’ to get. Practically you don’t have to wait so long to achieve your goal to be financially independent.
  2. They have a better conversion rate if the leads are real. If people like the product that you are promoting, they will ‘bite’ on your offer.

Cons :

  1. As mentioned earlier, mostly these leads are generated by bots. They cannot convert at all. It’s a waste of money.
  2. Usually real human leads are expensive and ‘cheap and good, affordable’ real human leads that are able to convert are hard to come by unless you do research extensively.


I’m like most of you, I’m a very prudent and skeptical person. I tried my best to do some research thoroughly before I’m ready to whip out my credit card because I was scammed many times before through of hard knocks.

So by chances, I happened to come-across into a promising leads company called “My Lead Gen Secret” in somewhat middle of 2019 which was launched.

I was skeptical initially.

  • It claimed it is Human leads.
  • They are all opt-in leads generated from always Credit-Card READY countries like USA (98%), Canada, UK, Australia, Europe and etc…
  • Cheap and affordable leads, only 1st month $60 and the rest of the month is  $30.
  • You get 100-200 fresh lead from 10 different reputable partners daily.

So I joined the program.

For the first few months I don’t see result, only occasionally sales here and there, so I gave up and never press on and did it consistently. However I still continue to pay for the monthly subscription (I really don’t know why and luckily I didn’t). I just let the leads accumulated and switch my focus to other make money online stuff.

Time flies…

I’m surprised when I revisited the program few months back, it is alive and still kicking.

In fact, it grows even stronger. It even has high Alexa Global Ranking!

If it were a fake program, it would have close down at most around 2020 but now is 2022, which means it is REAL!

Most of the members made money with this program and they share their strategy in the closed Facebook group. (Don’t worry, I will add you in if you join under me).

I don’t know about you but if you are interested, you can click on

My Journey With My Lead Gen Secret to read more.

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