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So what is FutureAdPro? It is "FuturerNet Advertising Platform" a.k.a. FutureAdPro. It is the secondary arm in Futurenet that solely help individual to advertise their own ads to make money online. If you want to know what is FutureNet, then please click on the link on top of the page. 

Besides an advertising platform, it is also a profit/revenue sharing pool that generate passive income while you asleep by simply clicking 10-20 ads (depends the number of adpacks you have) daily in order to be qualified that's all. Not only people can promote their own business here by creating their ads and redirect to their blogging website or affiliate link since they have 800 views per $50 adpacks, but also earn passive income at the same time.It's a double benefits at the same time. Each $50 adpacks will expire once they reach $60. However, if you choose to share out with your friends and if they join (not compulsory and optional), you get to earn a 1% commission each time they buy an adpack. If you have 5 active down-line, then it will be 10 levels deep. The passive earning is huge! 

This is the compensation plan if you choose to recruit

If you are interested to find out more for FutureAdPro, you can sign up free HERE to explore further and in the mean time for better illustration if you want to.

Most business require advertisements to grow big and attract awareness.So advertisement is an important step for growing a business if you take it seriously. Also, if it is Geo-targeted and streamlined, it is much more effective, instead of a generic one. Agree?

Below is what going to look like for the geo-targeted and streamlined condition :

Right now FutureAdPro already have 5-6 million members worldwide so the advertisements comprise multi languages, but once the geo-targeted is available in ver2.0, you can proceed to streamlined it to specific country.

By creating more ads and more views, they will create a deeper impression to people's mind sub-consciously which lead to higher chances and probability of getting the product that you advertised. 

Have you ever wonder why there are lone billboard beside the long boring highway in the middle of nowhere? Also, how big companies in social media earn big bucks easily? Because of advertisements obviously!

Have you ever wonder why when we are hungry, we often think of MacDonald, and when we are thirsty and hot, we think of Coca-Cola? I guess you know the answer.

By referring people  to join is optional and not compulsory or required but it would be good to refer so as to expedite the earning process since you also can earn commissions. 

I know whenever the word "Revshare" is mentioned, people will start turning their back and skeptical about it because most programs can hardly sustain more than two years and collapse eventually. 

To be fair, in every industry there are bad eggs and there are a few good ones too. You just need to find out and do your due diligence of homework to probe their history, background and financial health as much as possible. Most of the time people just lazy to do their part and join any program blindly and when things turn south, they simply cry foul or scam and then blanket all programs in the same industry are bad. Isn't it true? Ask yourself honestly, example, if all MLM are bad, then why companies such as HERBALIFE, AMWAY, AVON, MARY KAY, MELALEUCA, etc still standing strong after all these years? Shouldn't them be gone since they are MLM? Same thing for revshare companies. Majority are bad but there are few good one too! Don't let the bad ones to tarnish the industry. 

However, FutureAdPro is different. Most revshare programs collapse is due to a single source of income. When the daily withdrawal more than the earning, the money pool become "dried up" and collapse in no time. To be honest, I was quite skeptical initially because I was scammed by a few earlier. However, as time goes by, the company is expanding worldwide with more income stream and more people are joining. There is no sign that the company is dwindling at all but instead it's getting stronger each day. 

The CEOs are treating it as a business and take it very serious. This further increase my confidence towards this company.

Why FutureAdPro revshare is different? Here are the reasons:

a) FureNet has multiple-source of incomes and FutureAdPro is only it's secondary source, it also has online social media, online games, online merchandise/shopping portal, cafes and restaurants, car leasing, casinos, sports sponsorship, FutureNet own cryptocurrency (Futuro coin) (Recently signed a 2 years contract with Formula One Red Bull Racing Team). FutureNet Foundation (Donation and charities to Africa), green projects, (Futuro Pay, Futuro Trade and FurtureNet Travel) (all three coming soon in FutueNet v2.0). 

By looking from a nature's perspective, FutureNet is like a big lake at the the center with many stream of rivers constantly flow into it.

b) The maximum number of adpack for each member can have is 400 of $50 adpack. This help to curb withdrawal limit.

d) Only 3 days in a month are allowed to repurchase using the internal fund. If you want to buy extra adpack on the rest of the calendar days, then only from 'fresh fund' is allowed. This ensure the money pool is always filled.

c) FutureAdPro is stable and maintained by a group of experienced and professional staff in this area.

How FutureAdPro works?

ok, FutureAdPro has two types of advertising packages (adpacks), $10 and $50. Each adpack earns till 120% and expire. The daily earning rate is around 1%. 

For example, when you buy a $50 adpack (advertising pack), it comprises of 800 views of what your other advertising ads or business. Only when you click 10-20 ads daily, then you are qualified for the earnings of each adpack until it reaches $60 and expire. So each adpack will earn you $10 and it takes around 120 days or more (based on 1% earning daily, just an estimate because the rate will fluctuate due to quantity of purchase of adpacks by other members)

Remember, you need to click 10 ads daily in order to be qualified and eligible for the revenue sharing pool. There are people who simply just buy advertising pack to have more views and traffics to channel to their other business only, ignoring the clicking of ads daily activity.

This is additional. It's good for people who wants an additional passive income that works behind their back while they can still focus on what they are doing. E.g. people with day job, etc.

As a free member, one can have ten $10 adpack and fifty $50 adpack. If you want to have more in order to make more earning, then you have to pay for the membership fee. Below diagram is the plan.

There are 5 plans:

1) FREE : 5 $10 adacks & 20 $50 adpacks
2) Lite : 10 $10 adpacks & 40 $50 adpacks : $30 yearly or $16 per 6 months
3) Medium : 25 $10 adpacks & 120 $50 adpacks : $80 yearly or $45 per 6 months or $8 per month
4) Extra : 35 $10 adpacks & 200 $50 adpacks : $130 yearly, or $70 per 6 months or $12 per month
5) Premium : 50 $10 adpacks & 400 $50 adpacks : $180 yearly or $95 per 6 months or $16 per month

For example, if you want to have four hundred $50 adpacks and fifty $10 adpacks, then you need to pay $16 monthly or $95 for six months or $180 yearly.

If you are interested to explore more, you can click free sign up for FutureAdPro.

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