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First thing first, before we get started, watch this video to get an overview :

What is FutureNet as a whole?

FutureNet is basically a worldwide company with multiple businesses that generate multiple streams of income. It was established in summer 2012. The online portal followed on November 2014. It's headquarter presently, after constant growth and expanding, is in Dubai in beginning of 2018 with around 200+ employees. It was originated and started off with a small office in Poland. There was also another office in Ukraine. The total number of employee back then in 2016 were around 60-70 only. Look how fast it grows! They take it seriously as a business, , the leaders have long term plans which indirectly boost members' confidence and morale in FutureNet!

Apart from making money, it is also a company with a purpose and a heart, e.g. changing people life for the better , rain-forest project, charity work, donation, sport sponsorship and etc, which is why they attract people from all over the world to join them willingly!

Right now FutureNet has almost 5 million members in more than 190 countries of the world as at December 2018 and still growing. With FutureNet, it aims to offer every man and woman the possibility to earn money globally. It's positive cash flow, absolutely debt-free and privately owned.

FutureNet Main office visit in Poland in 2016 Video

FutureNet office in Ukraine in 2018 Video

FutureNet original headquarter was in Poland in 2016. It started off small and in-house. The founder and CEO of the website are Stephan Morgenstern, Roman Ziemian and marketing direct is Karolina Górska. 

All of them are currently living in Wroclaw, Poland as per their Facebook profiles. 

The CEO, Stephan Morgenstern has 25 years of working experience in the MLM's industry so he is the right person to run FutureNet as it's business model is also related.

FutureNet rise to the rank of #2 in Alexa's global ranking as at 31st December 2018.

Now you have an overview of what FutureNet about generally. If you want to know more about it, you can absolutely sign up FREE HERE and navigate around to have a better picture. If not, you can continue to read on if you wish to...

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Matrix is FutureNet's flagship. The other arm is the FutureNet Advertising Platform  ( FutureAdPro). It is also a revenue sharing platform if you choose to qualify by clicking 10 ads daily. Once you sign up free for FutureNet, FutureAdPro account is automatically created and vice versa.
FutureNet is a business which is constantly growing and expanding worldwide. FutureNet started going online in November 2014 whereas FutureAdPro is April 2016.

FutureNet MLM Matrix rides on it's own social media (Facebook equivalent) and multimedia platform and it also expanding it's business into areas such as FutureNet Merchandise/Shopping, Travel portal, FutureNet cafe coffee shops, FutureNet car leasing, Online Games, Casinos to create multiple stream of income.

Remember, ROME wasn't built in a day. Similarly, good business takes time to grow. Just an example, ten years ago, who will expect Facebook to be popular right now? Things don't work now doesn't mean it will not work in the future!

Till date, FutureNet is still growing worldwide as it aims for long term sustainability. The FutureNet crypto coin (Futuro) is planned to be launched by end of 2017!

A sneek peek of the pre-launching Futuro coin which going to be launched in Hong Kong, Macau in November 2017!

FutureNet newcomer's Webinars

From the series of webinars held, you can see that FutureNet mean business and it's meant to be long haul. The webinars also held in German, Polish, English, Chinese but I only extract the English version. To see the series of webinars, click WEBINARS.

1) FutureNet Matrix

FutureNet core is a 3X10 forced matrix. It is where members made the most money of it if one really put in the effort,

There are six 3X10 forced matrix. Namely MEMBER($10), BASIC($25), GOLD($50), EXCLUSIVE($100), SAPHIRE($500) and ROYAL($1000). There is no rule that you have climb up the ladder level by level, you can jump straight into the level according to what you can afford. However, in order to attain the level you want, the previous levels must be filled up. E.g. take EXCLUSIVE as example, you need to pay a total fee of $185 ($10 + $25 + $50 + $100).

How it works is like this :

(Diagram 1)

(Diagram 2)

According to each matrix (Diagram 1), for level 1, you can only accommodate 3 persons, the 4th person you referred has to go to level 2. For level 2 alone, the maximum is 9 persons, multiply by 3 as each level goes until to the 10th level.

You earn 5% from each person for every level (Diagram 2). So the more matrix you have , the more you potentially can earn. E.g. if you are at EXCLUSIVE matrix and all matrices max out on all 10 levels, then you potentially can earn up to ($44,099 + $154,346 + $374,841 + $819,291 = $1,392,577) (Diagram 2)

(Diagram 3)

Apology for the big pictures because the wordings in each point says it all. If I were to shrink it, then the wording is unreadable :)

a) Social Media Bonus

b) Multimedia Bonus

c) Sales Bonus

d) Advertising Sales Bonus

e) Friends Bonus

f) Matching Bonus

g) Leader Bonus (Infinity)

h) Career Plan (Prizes)

There are various bonuses, ranging from 3-50% according to the level to compliment the huge earnings. As you grow from lower level to higher ones, Your commissions percentage also grow relatively. I think you've gotten the point here. However, If you are interested to find out more, you can sign up free for FutureNet.

2) FutureAdPro 

Due to the long page, I transferred it to another page HERE.

FutureNet and FutureAdPro are NOT SCAM

In my opinion and from a business point perspective, it's definitely not.
Let's put it this way, honestly, if you intend to scam your friend, would you spend years of precious time and effort to build the plot and ultimately "scam" your friend. If you will not do it, what makes you think FutureNet is a scam. Agree?

However, every business does involve risk. You cannot predict the future unless you have a crystal ball but based on the materials I presented above, it's not. 

If the business succeed eventually, everyone will be happy that they are on board. But if it fails, everyone will start to become whine baby and cry foul that it is a "scam". Sad but it's true. 

We are all adults, learn to take some responsibility and don't expect to be spoon-fed. Nobody Owe you a living and nobody points a gun at your forehead and ask you to join right? 

The best is to sign up free and go in to check it for yourself.

As for the internet so called "reviews", read it for info and take it with a pinch of salt. Start to put on your logical thinking hat and don't just follow blindly. On areas which spell out scam, you may want to read it twice and judge by yourself.

Honestly, there are always good and bad eggs in every industry. Surely, majority are bad, no doubt. But there are a few good one too. You just need to do some research for yourself to minimize the risk. Don't be lazy and take action.

If you've notice, be it website or videos, it is always the same group of people who bashes other good opportunities as "scam" and redirect and recommend the readers to their own business link.

There is always a hidden agenda behind. By belittling others as "scam" in order to gain traffic in Google's SEO for themselves and redirect them to their own advantage.

Have you ever wonder why there is no "review" in the program they are in and always stay "good"? I think you get the point :)

Alright back to FutureNet, so sorry I get carried away and side track. Apologies.

I have further checked from the "Whois.com", their domains are legit, no doubt about it as claimed. 

If you follow the old tradition way of MLM, business which does not sell you physical product is considered as a pyramid scheme.

FutureNet don't sell you physical product when you purchase a matrix, instead, it gives you credit points. These credit points allow you to buy professional landing pages, blogs, cloud storage and etc.

We are living in the 21st century. Everything starts to go digital. Although these digital tools may sound useless for a layman, but if you have a business to promote, these tools will surely come in handy so you can gain more traffic online and have better opportunity to make more money. 
Gone are the days for companies who merely just sell physical products. They simply cannot go far as they are mostly geographical "localized". Unlike modern days MLM, although digital by selling online, but they can reach to many countries in the world that have access to internet.

As for FutureAdPro, it has multiple income sources to fund the pool constantly and professionals to monitor it for longevity, I would give two thumbs up for it!

Lastly, I have provided the necessary details as much as I can, however, if there is something that I've missed out, you want to sign up free and checked further by yourself. Anyway you have nothing to lose except some precious time of yours. All the best to your Future and change for the better if you take action!

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